The Emperor's Burden - Part 6

"The Emperor's Burden - Part 6" is part of a series of in-game books called The Emperor's Burden. It can be found as a wood-panel scroll leaning against a bell shrine at [67.7, 48.4] in front of the main building of the Temple of the White Tiger in northeastern Kun-Lai Summit.

Interacting with the scroll is one of the objectives of the Pandaria exploration achievement  [The Seven Burdens of Shaohao].


The Emperor's Burden - Part 6

It was at this very location ten thousand years ago that Shaohao, the Last Emperor of Pandaria, defeated the Sha of Anger, the Sha of Hatred, and the Sha of Violence.

From the Book of Burdens, Chapter 19:

"Confident and fearless, Emperor Shaohao thought nothing could stop him. But at the urging of the Red Crane, he sought the counsel of the White Tiger, the spirit of strength."

"The White Tiger saw in Shaohao a dangerous recklessness that often accompanies those with no fear. He gathered together the greatest warriors of Pandaria to test the Emperor."

"Emperor Shaohao was given a ten-foot pole, and was challenged to strike one of the warriors. For hours they fought, but the warriors were too quick and too nimble for the untrained Emperor. He grew angry, he cursed, and finally, broke the staff over his knee."

Humbled, the Emperor asked the White Tiger what was wrong, and learned that his own passions made him weak. To save Pandaria, Shaohao would have to combat his own anger, hatred, and violence.

The Monkey King sprang into action, and carved three masks. The Emperor wore each mask in turn, and with the help of his friends, as well as all the greatest warriors of Pandaria, the Sha of Anger, the Sha of Hatred, and the Sha of Violence were defeated and imprisoned beneath the ground.

The Emperor was forever changed, and as he set forth on the final leg of his adventure, he was a creature of patience, love, and peace.


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