NeutralThe Emperor's Way
Start Wrathion[34.5, 53.8]
End Wrathion[34.5, 53.8]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Category Legendary
Experience 294,000
Reputation +350 The Black Prince
Rewards 22g 80s (or 24g 72s if completed at level 90)
Previous N [90] A Timeless Discovery
Next N [90] A Pandaren Legend


Defeat Yu'lon, Chi-Ji, Xuen and Niuzao, the four August Celestials of Pandaria.

  • Defeat Yu'lon in Combat
  • Defeat Chi-Ji in Combat
  • Defeat Xuen in Combat
  • Defeat Niuzao in Combat


Recently, the August Celestials of Pandaria presented you with a challenge - and you triumphed.

But can you defeat them in combat? They are testing the mettle of all of Pandaria's heroes.

This challenge is not impossible, but you'll need to follow the advice of the last Pandaren Emperor and approach this challenge with unwavering inner strength. You'll also need a small army, so find a group of people you trust.

Defeat the four celestials here in the Celestial Court, and our journey is almost complete...


This will take perseverance, champion. Be fleet of foot and pay attention to the emperor's advice!


An impressive display of martial skill, <class>! You have truly walked the path of the emperor, and demonstrated the very traits pandaren value most.



See each of the Celestials' tactics articles for strategies on defeating them: Chi-Ji, Niuzao, Xuen, and Yu'lon.

In the process of completing this quest, adventurers will earn the Pandaria Raid achievement  [Celestial Challenge] upon defeat of the fourth Celestial.


Patch 5.0 - Mists of Pandaria

  1. Optional breadcrumb: N [90] Stranger in a Strange Land
  2. N [90] A Legend in the Making
  3. N [90] The Strength of One's Foes & N [90] Trial of the Black Prince
  4. N [90] Fear Itself
  5. N [90] Breath of the Black Prince

Patch 5.1 - Landfall

  1. Optional breadcrumb: N [90] Incoming... (A [15-35] Lion's Landing / H [15-35] Domination Point required to continue)
  2. B [90] The Measure of a Leader
  3. B [90] The Prince's Pursuit & B [90] A Test of Valor
  4. Complete all of:
  5. A [90] Call of the Packmaster / H [90] The Soul of the Horde

Patch 5.2 - The Thunder King

  1. Optional breadcrumbs: N [90] The Thunder King / N [90] Meet Me Upstairs
  2. N [90] Secrets of the First Empire & N [90] I Need a Champion
  3. N [90] The Thunder Forge (B [35] To the Skies! required to continue)
  4. N [90] Spirit of the Storm Lord (B [35] The Fall of Shan Bu required to continue)
  5. N [90] The Crown of Heaven
  6. N [90] Echoes of the Titans
  7. N [90] Heart of the Thunder King

Patch 5.3 - Escalation

  1. N [90] Celestial Blessings
  2. N [90] Cloak of Virtue
  3. N [90] Preparing to Strike / N [90] Meet Me Back at the Inn

Patch 5.4 - Siege of Orgrimmar

  1. N [90] A Timeless Discovery
  2. N [90] Secrets of the Timeless Isle & N [90] The Emperor's Way
  3. N [90] A Pandaren Legend
  4. N [90] Judgment of the Black Prince

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