AllianceThe End Time
Start Coridormi
End Nozdormu
Level 35 (Requires 35)
Type Dungeon
Category End Time
Experience 6,940 experience
Next N [35D] Murozond


Speak with Nozdormu at the End Time.


Nozdormu, the bronze aspect, has asked for help from the champions of the Alliance. You are on his short list. I can share few other details.

It is uncharacteristic of my master to request the assistance of mortals, but I suppose that all things change with time... even the Aspect of Time himself.

He awaits you at the End Time, in the distant future. I can help you to travel there, if you so choose.


You will receive:

  • 1g 65s 50c
  • 6,940 XP


<Name>, you have arrived. This is good. I apologize for bringing you to this strange place, and under such suspicious circumstances.

I have a good reason for doing so.

We are going to kill Deathwing. And I require your aid.


Coridormi's gossip

Ahh! There you are, <name>.

I must speak with you at once.

Gossip I am ready to meet Nozdormu at the End Time.

Nozdormu's gossip

We must not waste time, traveler.


  1. B [35D] The End Time
  2. N [35D] Murozond
  3. N [35D] The Well of Eternity
  4. N [35D] In Unending Numbers
  5. N [35D] The Vainglorious
  6. N [35D] The Path to the Dragon Soul

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