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The Enemy Revealed
Author(s) Walter Simonson
Artist(s) Jon Buran, Mike Bowden, Jerome K. Moore, Phil Moy
Pages 32
Publisher(s) Wildstorm
Publication date October 29, 2008
Format(s) Comic
Retail price US: $2.99
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

The Enemy Revealed is the 12th installment of the World of Warcraft comic.


The saga of the Missing King of Stormwind continues and the end is almost here! Lo'Gosh and his companions enter Stormwind Keep to confront a vicious black dragon and face the evil usurper of King Varian's throne.[1]


Lo'Gosh, Thargas, Broll, Valeera, and Reginald ride into Stormwind City through the Valley of Heroes. Thargas points out that a more secretive approach would have been safer, but Lo'Gosh counters that a public spectacle will force the dragon into the open and allow them to reveal Varian's impostor for all to see. From the far side of the Valley of Heroes, General Marcus Jonathan spots the approaching company and tells his men to stand at attention and trumpet Varian's return.

"Varian" and Katrana hear the trumpets from within Stormwind Keep and rush out onto a balcony. Upon seeing the newcomers, Lady Prestor is distraught and calls for their arrest, while Varian is shocked to see that the lead rider looks identical to him.

Meanwhile, in Anduin's room, the prince confides to Bolvar that he feared his father's strange behavior was a sign that he had been replaced by an impostor. However, after Varian saved Anduin's life and remembered more about his captivity, he's begun to seem more like his old self at times, except for when Katrana is near. Upon hearing the trumpets, Anduin runs out on his own balcony and is confused to see his father accompanying Marshal Windsor and a group of strangers, while his father is also simultaneously standing with Katrana on his balcony. Anduin runs back inside to grab his sword, telling Bolvar that Katrana doesn't rule in Stormwind and that the prince and highlord need to take an active hand in what is happening.

Katrana tells General Jonathan to throw Lo'Gosh's party in the dungeons. Lo'Gosh tells Marcus that he is the real King Varian, that Stormwind is threatened by a disguised black dragon, and that the man on the balcony is an impostor pretending to be the king. Marcus tells Reginald that he cannot let them pass, but Reginald reminds him of the time they served together under Turalyon and firmly states that Lady Prestor is a dragon while Lo'Gosh is their true king. Convinced that Reginald would not lie, Marcus lets Lo'Gosh's party pass.

Katrana tells the guards to kill the "impostors" attempting to enter the keep and to fetch Prince Anduin, despite Varian's protests. Lo'Gosh, Thargas, Broll, and Valeera burst into the throne room and call Lady Prestor by her true name: Onyxia. Huge black wings suddenly unfold from Katrana's back, smashing Varian into a nearby wall, and while the lady's face grows monstrous and reptilian, she declares that Varian is a useless tool and far more trouble than any human she has ever dealt with. Finally assuming her true, massive form, Onyxia declares that she will now deal with the king permanently. The guards around the room also shed their disguises, transforming into black dragonspawn to defend their mistress. While Lo'Gosh and his companions battle the creatures, Varian picks up his own sword and decides that he will no longer be the dragon's puppet.

Anduin — armed with a bow — and Bolvar run toward the sounds of battle in the throne room. After killing a dragonspawn who attempts to seize hold of Anduin, the two of them come upon the fight. Reginald tells Bolvar that he couldn't risk telling him about Prestor's identity earlier since the dragon has spies everywhere. Suddenly, Onyxia sets her eyes on Windsor and incinerates him with her lava breath, killing him.

While fighting the dragonspawn, Lo'Gosh and Varian come face to face and clash. Lo'Gosh considers Varian to be a pretender, while Varian retorts that he had begun to fight off Onyxia's spell and that Lo'Gosh himself must be an impostor conjured by Onyxia to take the king's place. Their duel is interrupted when Onyxia breathes fire at them, attempting to kill them both. Elsewhere in the fight, Bolvar is impressed by Anduin's archery skills, and the prince explains that he was taught by his father. Varian and Lo'Gosh both turn at the sound of their son's voice. Although confused by the two men who both look like his father, Anduin reminds them that they should be fighting the dragon and not each other. After dodging another of Onyxia's fire breaths, Varian and Lo'Gosh decide that the boy is right and agree to sort out their differences after they've sorted out the dragon.

The heroes continue trying to assault Onyxia but discover that her scales are impervious to their weapons. Anduin tries to fire an arrow at the dragon's unprotected eyes, but misses his shot and instead simply attracts Onyxia's attention. The dragon grabs Anduin with one of her forelegs, telling him that she's prepared a "special welcome" for him at home and that she will test him to see if he is as much trouble as his sire. Onyxia flies up into the air and teleports away, taking the prince with her.

Varian and Lo'Gosh are left behind in the rubble of the throne room and agree to a temporary truce until Anduin has been saved. They both state that they've begun to remember what happened to them while they were lost; a tale that involves treachery and dark sorcery. Bolvar speculates that once Onyxia is destroyed, whichever Varian is the false one will simply disappear. Against that eventuality, Lo'Gosh suggests that he and Varian compare their memories while the group journeys to Onyxia's Lair, since together they may hold the key to Onyxia's destruction.


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