The Etymidian

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Image of Etymidian
Race Stone watcher (Elemental)
Level 20-30 Elite
Location Shaper's Terrace, Un'Goro Crater
Status Alive

The Etymidian is one of the most destructive forces ever created by the titans. Sensing the very essence of Sholazar Basin beginning to fray by the blight of undeath, he asked an adventurer to deliver his rune to the Avatar of Freya, for only her power could grant him passage to her lands.[1] The Avatar of Freya then unleashed him to decimate the undead invasion of Sholazar. He was described as a stone colossus.



Vehicle This colossus can be mounted. See  [Omega Rune].

Used for the quest N [78] Reclamation, he can only be summoned at the Avalanche in Sholazar Basin.

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