The Etymidian (quest)

Neutral 32.pngThe Etymidian
Start Avatar of Freya
End The Etymidian
Level 78 (Requires 77)
Category Sholazar Basin
Experience 21,600
Previous Neutral 15.png [77] Powering the Waygate - The Makers' Overlook
Next Neutral 15.png [78] The Activation Rune

The Etymidian is a quest in the Waygate quest chain in Sholazar Basin.


Go through the Waygate in the southern end of Sholazar Basin and look for the weapon known as the Etymidian on the other side.


It is time, <name>. The Waygate has been activated for the first time in seven centuries. Use it to travel to where our final hope lies.

Let us put an end to those who would seek to bring the taint of undeath to this pristine land. Let us unleash the Etymidian.


<As you read the engravings on this stone colossus, you realize that this is the weapon that Freya spoke of. This is the Etymidian.>



The Waygate teleports you to the Shaper's Terrace in Un'Goro Crater. Walk forward to reach the Etymidian.


  1. Neutral 15.png [78] Force of Nature (optional)
  2. Neutral 15.png [77] An Issue of Trust
  3. Neutral 15.png [77] Returned Sevenfold
  4. Neutral 15.png [77] The Fallen Pillar
    Neutral 15.png [77] Salvaging Life's Strength
  5. Neutral 15.png [78] Cultist Incursion
  6. Complete both quests to continue:
    Neutral 15.png [77] Exterminate the Intruders
    Neutral 15.png [77] Weapons of Destruction
  7. Neutral 15.png [77] The Lifewarden's Wrath
  8. Neutral 15.png [77] Freya's Pact
  9. Neutral 15.png [77] Powering the Waygate - The Makers' Perch
  10. Neutral 15.png [77] Powering the Waygate - The Makers' Overlook
    Neutral 15.png [78] A Timeworn Coffer
  11. Neutral 15.png [78] The Etymidian
  12. Neutral 15.png [78] The Activation Rune (classified as Un'Goro Crater)
  13. Neutral 15.png [78] Back Through the Waygate
  14. Neutral 15.png [78] Reclamation
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