The Everbloom (Horde)

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HordeThe Everbloom
Start High Overlord Saurfang
End Rokhan
Level 35-40 (Requires 35)
Type Dungeon
Category Everbloom
Experience 30,140 XP
Rewards [Garrison Resources] (175)
61g 60s
Repeatable Daily
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [35-40D] The Everbloom.


Defeat Yalnu in the Everbloom.


The Kirin Tor created an outpost in Gorgrond with a portal to Stormwind to facilitate quick reinforcements in the assault on the Blackrock Foundry. Unfortunately they built it in the heart o' the Everbloom, home to the botani and the mightiest o' the genesaur - Yalnu.

The outpost has already been overrun and it is only a matter o' time before the overgrowth spreads to Stormwind... and with it the whole of Azeroth.


You will receive: 61g 60s


Dese wizards' deaths be punishment enough for their lack of foresight. We should be thankful dat we were able to stop da overgrowth before it reached our world.


  • 30,140 experience

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