The Evil Dragons of Un'Goro Crater

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NeutralThe Evil Dragons of Un'Goro Crater
Start Maximillian of Northshire
End Maximillian of Northshire
Level 54 (Requires 51)
Category Un'Goro Crater
Experience 7,890
Rewards 80s


Help Maximillian of Northshire slay 15 "Dragons".

  • "Dragon" slain (15)


This crater is filled with a malignant breed of dragon. Have you seen them? They wander all about, parading their spiky backs and lizardy faces all around the Crater.

Don't let them fool you, squire, for these dragons are no minions of graceful Alexstrasza. They are clearly vicious, and direly in need of a hero's blade.

I have decided that I will slay no less than 15 of them. As my squire, you must come along. Should we become separated, you may meet me back here at the Hot Springs.


I've not yet meted enough justice, squire. You may complain to me only when 15 of the beasts are slayed.


...and that makes 15 of them.

Justice had a name today... and that name was Maximillian of Northshire. For Doloria!


You will receive: 80s


7,890 XP


Come, Squire <name>, for adventure awaits us!
  • Gossip I don't see any dragons anywhere.
Nonsense. Have I hired a blind squire? There are dragons everywhere. My neighbor Spark refers to them as "dinosaurs", but I know a dragon when I see one. They must be slayed.


  1. N [55] An Important Lesson
  2. N [54] The Evil Dragons of Un'Goro Crater
  3. N [54] Damsels Were Made to be Saved
  4. N [55] The Spirits of Golakka Hot Springs
  5. N [55] The Ballad of Maximillian

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