AllianceThe Exiles of Ulduar
Start Brann Bronzebeard
End Bouldercrag the Rockshaper
Level 80 (Requires 77)
Category Storm Peaks
Experience 2200
Previous Norgannon's Shell
Next  [Rare Earth]

This breadcrumb is offered by Brann after completing Norgannon's Shell.


Speak with Bouldercrag the Rockshaper at Bouldercrag's Refuge.


The Storm Peaks are an intriguing place, but there's far more here than titan ruins. The peoples who live here face a dire threat in Loken and his minions.

He sent his favorite servants, the iron dwarves, on a brutal campaign against all the creatures of stone. He expelled the earthen from Ulduar, forcing them to take shelter at Bouldercrag's Refuge, on the face of a mountain west of the Inventor's Library. Bouldercrag and his brethren are beset by the iron dwarves there. Find and help them, <name>.


So you know Brann Bronzebeard, then? He is our closest ally among those of the flesh. We are as brothers in the struggle against Loken and his followers, in the struggle for Ulduar.


  1. H [80] The Earthen of Ulduar or A [80] The Exiles of Ulduar
  2. N [80] Rare Earth
  3. N [80] Relief for the Fallen & N [80] Fighting Back
  4. N [80] Slaves of the Stormforged & N [80] The Dark Ore
  5. N [80] The Gifts of Loken & N [80] Facing the Storm
    While killing golems, loot the  [Dark Armor Plate] to continue the quest chain.
  6. N [80] Armor of Darkness
  7. N [80] The Armor's Secrets
  8. N [80] Valduran the Stormborn
  9. N [80] Destroy the Forges! & N [80] Hit Them Where it Hurts
  10. N [80] A Colossal Threat
  11. N [80] The Heart of the Storm
  12. N [80] The Iron Colossus

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