The Exorcism

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NeutralThe Exorcism
Start Tabetha
End Tabetha
Level 40 (Requires 35)
Type Group
Category Mage
Experience 3250 XP
Previous N Mage [40] The Infernal Orb
Next N Mage [40D] Power in Uldaman

The Exorcism is the 3rd quest in the Return to the Marsh quest chain.


Kill the Demon of the Orb, then speak with Tabetha.


Now that we have a summoner's orb, we must exorcise the demon within it. I can do that. That's the easy part.

You're the one who has the hard job. You're the one who has to kill the demon once it's out.

And you'll have to be quick. If you take too long then he'll jump back in the orb and we'll have to start over!

So get yourself ready. Prepare your strongest spells and keep your potions handy, and go get a friend if you have one. Because this isn't going to be pretty.


You'll have to kill that demon to remove its taint from the orb, <name>.


Nicely done, <name>!  You gave that demon a lesson he won't soon forget.

He'll think twice before he sticks his ugly head back in this world, looking for the stupid mortal who beat him.  Probably with friends this time.  Big, scaly friends who'd want nothing more than to tear you into little <race> pieces.

I didn't scare you, did I...<name>?


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 3250 XP (or 19s 80c at level 70)


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