The Eye of Odyn

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NeutralThe Eye of Odyn
Start Danica the Reclaimer
End Skyseer Ghrent
Level 98 - 110 (Requires 98)
Type Legendary
Category Warrior Campaign
Experience 7,550
Rewards 7g 70s
Previous N Warrior [98 - 110] The Forge of Odyn
Next N Warrior [98 - 110] Thus Begins the War


Go to the Eye of Odyn.


It is time to begin the war in Azeroth. We have prepared a tool for you to direct your warriors and your own operations from here. It is called the Eye of Odyn.

If you will follow me, I will take you to it, and someone that will help you use it.


You will receive: 7g 70s


It has been a while since I've talked to the living. I hope you don't mind if I assist you. Being slain in combat has given me a calmer outlook in this emergency than other warriors.



Quest accept
Danica the Reclaimer says: If you will follow me. The Eye of Odyn is a powerful scrying and communication device. With it you will be able to see the Broken Isles, send orders to your champions, and enact your own special operations. Skyseer Ghrent will help you manage the Eye.
Danica walks the warrior adventurer over to Skyseer Ghrent.
Danica the Reclaimer says: Here is Skyseer Ghrent and the Eye of Odyn. May your orders come swift and your battles victorious, Battlelord!


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