• The Fall of Corlain
  • Binds when picked up
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "A collection of journals describing the fate of Corlain."
  • Sell Price: 55c

The Fall of Corlain is a quest reward from A [110 - 120] The Fall of Corlain.


The Fall of Corlain

It has been a fortnight since anyone in Corlain has seen or heard from Lord or Lady Waycrest. Solicitors are turned back by the gate guards with no word on their condition.

Rumors are abound that the lord is suffering from a wasting sickness, and that the lady is so grief-stricken she has locked herself in his chambers.

These are truly dark times for Drustvar.

This is the third night that our Maggie has secreted away when she thought her father and I were asleep. I tried to follow, but I lost her outside the courtyard to Waycrest Manor.

The Daveys said that their girl has also gone missing some nights, only to return as mysteriously as she left, acting as if nothing is the matter.

Her father swears he saw her enter the manor, but that's preposterous. Nobody has been in or out of that manor in weeks!

At last, there is a light of hope for Drustvar. Lady Waycrest emerged from the manor today to help assuage the fears of the townspeople due to Lord Waycrest's absence.

She assured us that the Lord is in good health, but it was rather peculiar the way that she ordered about the guards. She had never wielded that kind of authority before.

I'm sure I'm just overthinking it. After the trials of the past few weeks, we should take whatever blessings we can get.

Ceridwen keeps trying to get me to join her "sister circle."

I don't like it. Every day that passes I see more and more girls about town wearing the wicker charm. At this pace, the whole town is going to join before I know it.

And the men don't even seem to notice - they're even more oblivious than usual. It's almost as if they're under some sort of spell.

There has been a third disappearance this week. The guards insist there is nothing to be worried about, but I know better.

I spoke with Mr. Knowlton just last night, and he saw the body of Jon the stablehand, who was the first to go missing. The image was burned in his brain, he said - profane markings covering the wall of his servant's shack, and his body sprawled on his cart, a gaping hole in his chest where his heart used to be.

Knowlton is gone, now, and the guards are silent.

I feel that Corlain is no longer safe for me and my family. Once we are able, we should relocate to Arom's Stand.

To whomever reads this - do not trust the sisterhood's magic!

I don't know where they came from, but their circle grew in secret in the dark places of Corlain. Now, they have taken to the streets, killing all who stand in their way and hunting the others with their wicker abominations!

Nobody knows what they want. All they speak of is revenge for their master, and glory to their traitorous leader, "The Mother."

I don't think I will make it out of Corlain alive. I can only hope my words reach someone who can take action. Do not allow these "sisters" into your town! Their corruption will devour it from the inside, just like it has Corlain!

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