NeutralThe Fall of Kel'vax
Start Shinga Deathwalker
End Shinga Deathwalker
Level 20-50
Category Nazmir
Experience 20,560
Reputation +250 Talanji's Expedition
Rewards 46g 80s
Previous N [20-50] Bones for Protection & N [20-50] Kel'vax's Home

Kel'vax Deathwalker
It's time to deliver Kel'vax Deathwalker's soul to Bwonsamdi.


Defeat Kel'vax Deathwalker.


We be ready ta kill Kel'vax and send his soul ta Bwonsamdi for judgment. Ya should know someting before ya go in.

Kel'vax was our son. Dat be why Bwonsamdi chose us ta stop dis madness.

I not be knowin' why Kel'vax chose ta forsake everyting we believed in centuries ago... but here we are.

Even without his undead, Kel'vax be very powerful. Be prepared... dis be our shot to end him and find our rest.


You will receive:


Ya must destroy Kel'vax once and for all!


It be over. As ya can see, Kel'vax be trapped in his phylacteries.

All dat's left for us ta do is ta destroy da containers ta send him ta Bwonsamdi for judgment.

We couldn't have done this without ya. May Bwonsamdi be wit ya... and may ya be wise enough ta know when ta make a deal with him.


Accepting the quest:

Shinga Deathwalker says: Kel'vax was our son in life, but now he is just another monster. Destroy him, so we can send his soul to Bwonsamdi.

Engaging Kel'vax:

Kel'vax Deathwalker says: Foolish mortal... me armies be destroyin' you. Servants, ta me!
Kel'vax Deathwalker says: What? Where be me zombies... me skeletons? What be goin' on?
Kel'vax Deathwalker says: It no matter. I have seen da rise and fall of dis civilization... you no be stoppin' me!

Upon damaging Kel'vax to 50%:

Kel'vax begins channeling his Apocalypse Blast.
Kel'vax Deathwalker yells: ENOUGH! The Blood God demands your destruction... and I shall deliver it, Bwonsamdi be damned!
Shinga Deathserver yells: Kel'vax, dis be enough!
Kel'vax Deathwalker says: Mother, father...
Kel'vax Deathwalker yells: Your spirits be fuel for the Blood God!
Kol'jun Deathserver yells: It be time ta face da judgment of Bwonsamdi, we have da phylacteries, and Selaya got me da bones ta counter ya voodoo!
Kel'vax Deathwalker yells: What are... impossible! I no be chained, not by you, not by Bwonsamdi!
Kol'jun Deathserver yells: Kel'vax be vulnerable again... it be up ta you!
Kel'vax Deathwalker yells: BAH! Curse you and curse Bwonsamdi, he NOT HAVE ME SOUL!

After Kel'vax is killed:

Kel'vax Deathwalker says: Bwonsamdi! No... G'huun promised dat I would never be defeated!

After turning in the quest:

Kel'vax Deathwalker says: Mother... father... I be sorry. Please, forgive me, speak ta Bwonsamdi on me behalf!
Kol'jun Deathwalker says: It be too late for dat, me son. Ya chose ta betray Bwonsamdi. Ya need ta be payin' for dat.
Kel'vax Deathwalker says: No! Mother, do someting!
Shinga Deathewalker says: Your fate be up ta Bwonsamdi now. Best hope he be havin' more mercy dan us.
Kel'vax Deathwalker says: No! I can't see Bwonsamdi, I no want ta... please, STOP!
Kel'vax's phylacteries are shattered.
Kol'jun Deathwalker says: ... Bwonsamdi's will be done. It time we all be gettin' our rest.
Shinga Deathwalker says: See ya on da other side.
Kol'jun and Shinga's spirits depart, floating towards Bwonsamdi's Necropolis.


  1. N [20-50] Bwonsamdi's Deliverance & N [20-50] Respecting the Rites
  2. N [20-50] Bones for Protection & N [20-50] Kel'vax's Home
  3. N [20-50] The Fall of Kel'vax

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