AllianceThe Fate of Gordawg
Start Vindicator Nobundo [51.2, 61.6]
End Kalandrios [72.6, 19.8]
Level 99 (Requires 98)
Category Nagrand
Experience 14,930
Rewards 15g
Previous A [99] Dark Binding / A [99] The Pale Threat
Next ...
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [99] The Fate of Gordawg.


Retrieve the Heart of the Fury


Looming monstrously between us and the inner chamber is the great fury we have sought to return to the Throne of Elements.

Gordawg stands before us enthralled; a slave to Cho'gall. My heart is heavy with grief to see such a great creature mindless and enslaved by evil.

There is no going back, in order to push forward you must go through Gordawg.

It pains me, but Gordawg must be slain.

Slay Gordawg and return the fury's heart to the Throne of Elements where it belongs.


You will receive: 15g


What of Gordawg? Has the great fury been brought to rest?


Gordawg was a mighty ally. The elements will mourn the loss of the fury, but death was the only answer. Gordawg would not have wished to stay a slave to evil.

Though Gordawg is no more, the heart of a fury is eternal and unbreakable. In time, this brightly glowing heart will take shape into a new earthen fury.

Such is the cycle of life upon the Elemental Plateau.



The entrance to the underground cavern is located east of Oshugun at [56, 61] in Shadowfall Canyon.

Gordawg yells: The master commands and I obey!

Gordawg says: In death... I am free...


  1. A [98] Nobundo Sends Word / H [98] The Farseer Awaits
  2. B [98] Called to the Throne
  3. Complete all of
  4. N [98] Guise of the Deceiver
  5. N [98] The Debt We Share
  6. B [98] The Ritual of Binding
  7. B [98] The Call of Oshu'gun
  8. B [99] Dark Binding / B [99] The Pale Threat
  9. B [99] The Fate of Gordawg / B [99] The Dark Heart of Oshu'gun

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