NeutralThe Fate of Hodir
Start Odyn
End Odyn
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Warrior Campaign
Experience 24,680
Rewards Item level 825 Artifact relic
Battlelord title
 [Battlelord's Chestplate]
 [Greater Glory of the Order]
5000 Order Resources
58g 20s
Previous N Warrior [45] Capturing the Gateway
Next N Warrior [45] Champion: Hodir


Join your forces at Felblaze Ingress and Complete the Fate of Hodir scenario.

  • Join your forces at Felblaze Ingress
  • Speak to Hymdall
  • Fate of Hodir


It is time, <name>. Go to Azsuna and use the captured gateway to travel to Niskara and find Hodir.

The Legion will regret they set foot on Azeroth!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Ability hunter rapidkilling.png [Heartbeat of the Order] Inv elemental primal fire.png [Flame of the Order]
Spell nature strengthofearthtotem02.png [Iron Will of the Order] Sha inv elemental primal shadow.png [Dusk of the Order]
Inv elemental primal air.png [Gale Wind of the Order]

You shall be granted the title: Battlelord

You will receive: 58g 20s
Inv misc questionmark.png Battlord's Chestplate Achievement reputation 03.png [Greater Glory of the Order]

You will also receive: 5000 Order Resources


You've returned, <name>. What news do you bring?


I thank you, <name>. Without your help, one of Azeroth's mightiest guardians would have fallen into the hands of the Legion.

You have proven you are capable of leading my armies and defeating the Legion in their own territory.



Talk to Aerylia and select either Dalaran or Azsuna, as the distance is roughly the same, then fly to Felblaze Ingress.

Felblaze Ingress
Seen at the inactive gateway is Thorim, Dvalen Ironrune, Finna Bjornsdottir, and Ragnvald Drakeborn. Hymdall is at the front and center of the group, half surrounded by groups of Stormforged Valarjar and Valarjar Shieldmaidens. The corpses of demons lay scattered about the area.
The Legion are not the only ones who can reach through the cosmos to strike their enemies.
Give the word, <name>. I will maintain the gateway open from this side.
Gossip It is time. Take us to Niskara.

Stage 1: The Final Battle

  • Ascend into the gates of Niskara
Odyn says: The Burning Legion shall regret ever laying their sights on my domain. My armies are at your command! Lead them into glory!

You are given three each of Stormforged Valarjar and Valarjar Shieldmaidens to assist you in this scenario, along with Ragnvald Drakeborn and Finna Bjornsdottir. You will immediately be placed into combat should you take even one step forward, so make certain that you are suitably prepared first.

Stage 2: Defeat the Felbat Riders

Finna Bjornsdottir yells: Their warlocks strike from above!

Use the provided special action button in the bottom center of your screen to launch yourself onto a Niskaran Skyterror. Kill its rider, then target the next nearby Niskaran Skyterror. Rinse and repeat until all the warlocks are dead.

Stage 3: Crash Landing

  • Dive near Thorim

Thorim is located at the bottom middle of what constitutes Niskara, fighting off a group of Fel Annihilators.

The fel bat screeches in pain as you drive your weapon into it!

Stage 4: Aiding Thorim

  • Assist Thorim in combat.

Kill the felguards attacking Thorim.

Stage 5: Save Hodir

Follow Thorim to the area where Hodir is.

Thorim sees a fel-corrupted Hodir, with three Hateful Corruptors channeling fel energies into the titanic watcher.
Thorim yells: No! Hodir! What have they done to you?!
Thorim immediately heads to fight the jailers.

Final Stage: Defeat Hodir

  • Defeat Hodir
Hodir says: It is too late for me... I can only feel...
Hodir yells: HATE!!

Thorim will tank Hodir. Bring Hodir's health down to half, at which point Lady Ran'zara will enter the fight.

Lady Ran'zara yells: I will not let you destroy my newest pet! When I'm through with you, you will all serve the Legion!
Thorim yells: The eredar witch! Defeating her is our last chance to save Hodir!

Ignore Hodir and kill Lady Ran'zara.

Lady Ran'zara says: I failed you, Sargeras...
Hodir says: The fel energy... it is gone...
Hodir says: The Legion will pay for this!
Hymdall says: You've succeeded! I've opened up a portal for you to return. Hurry! I can only maintain it for so long.

Take the portal to return to Skyhold.

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