Not to be confused with A [10-40] The Defense of Karabor.
AllianceThe Fate of Karabor

Velen and the crystal
Start Prophet Velen [35.3, 49.1]
End Prophet Velen [40.5, 54.9]
Level 10-40
Category Shadowmoon Valley
Experience 13,850
Reputation +250 Council of Exarchs
Rewards 11g 80s
Previous A [10-40] The Clarity Elixir
Next A [10-40] Chasing Shadows


Drink the Clarity Elixir and witness the fate of Karabor.

  • Drink the Clarity Elixir
  • Witness the fate of Karabor

Provided item:  [Clarity Elixir]


Threads of the future weave together, winding and unwinding, creating tapestries that change in form and color from one moment to the next.

I must have clarity. I must focus on the ONE strand that will become reality.

When you are ready to share in my vision, drink the elixir.

When the vision begins, be on your guard. The events of the vision are as deadly as anything we experience in this reality.

On accept:

Prophet Velen says: Drink the elixir and focus on the crystal, <name>. Let the ebb and flow of time wash over you...


You will receive: 11g 80s


<The Prophet is deep in thought. He looks troubled.>

A solo scenario, the Defense of Karabor, begins. As it can only be completed once, it is documented here.

Stage 1: A Vision Revealed

Yrel and Velen

Get close to Velen:

Prophet Velen says: The Temple of Karabor? No... it cannot be. We are under attack!
Yrel yells: Hold the barricades! Protect the defense crystal at all costs!
Yrel says: We couldn't stop the Dark Star, Prophet. The Iron Horde have taken the harbor!
Yrel yells: Watch your heads! Iron capsules incoming!

Stage 2: Enemy Onslaught


A level 92-elite dire orc, Krull drops from the sky and starts attacking. Help kill him with Velen's help.

Stage 3: Commander Vorka

The defense crystal destroyed

  • Witness Commander Vorka's arrival
Yrel says: Up there! The fleet commander shows himself!
Commander Vorka flies up to confront the defenders on a rylak.
Commander Vorka yells: ENOUGH! Play time is over. Ships, on my mark, FIRE ON THE CRYSTAL!
The defense crystal is destroyed.

Final Stage: The Final Defense

The fall

Yrel says: No! That defense crystal was our only hope.
Yrel says: They're breaking through. Retreat! We'll make our final stand on the stairs!
Prophet Velen says: Stay close to me, champion!

Head back up the stairs and speak with Velen:

The vision guides us, <name>. Let us see what it wishes us to learn.

Gossip Prophet, we're being overrun!

Prophet Velen says: As long as I live, Karabor shall not fall!
Velen blasts the area with a Light aoe, killing the attacking orcs, then throws up a shield over the landing.
Commander Vorka yells: Prophet, your attempts are meaningless. Witness the TRUE might of the Iron Horde!
The Dark Star bombards the landing, killing everyone nigh-instantly.
Prophet Velen says: I cannot... hold them... back...
Velen falls. A massive wave of Iron Horde orcs storm the stairs as the scene fades to black.

Back in the real world:

The Oracle Stone cracks and breaks apart, falling into the pool. The vision has left Velen horrified. His tone then becomes deadly serious.
Prophet Velen says: No... NO! This cannot be the fate of my people!
Prophet Velen says: Ner'zhul leads us to this destiny. To save Karabor, we must stop him.
Prophet Velen says: Meet me back at Twilight Glade, champion. We have much to do.
Velen runs off down the path.


I have seen enough. Ner'zhul must be stopped.



Before heading back to Twilight Glade, head behind the tree to the northwest. On the far shore is a Giant Moonwillow Cone, which contains the Moonwillow Wand.

Pick up A [10-40] Going Undercover to continue the chain.

On completion of both this quest and A [10-40] Escape From Shaz'gul, Scout Valdez flies in:

Scout Valdez says: Commander! Shadowmoon forces are gathering up outside of the garrison. Our troops are in defensive positions and await your orders.


  1. A [10-40] Into Twilight
  2. Complete both:
    • Visions
    1. A [10-40] The Clarity Elixir
    2. A [10-40] The Fate of Karabor
    • Shaz'gul
    1. A [10-40] Going Undercover
    2. A [10-40] Escape From Shaz'gul
  3. A [10-40] Chasing Shadows
  4. A [10-40] Ancestor's Memory
  5. A [10-40] Darkest Night
    • Optional side quest: A [10-40] Rulkan
  6. Complete all of:
    1. A [10-40] Into Anguish
    2. A [10-40] The Dark Side of the Moon

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