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The Fate of Professor Elryna

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NeutralThe Fate of Professor Elryna
Start Collector Kojo
End Collector Kojo
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Nazjatar
Experience 22,300
Reputation +75 Tortollan Seekers
Rewards 46g 80s
Previous N [120] Legacy of Nar'anan & N [120] Snap Back


Defeat the Snapdragon Matriarch, collect the  [Memory Core], and activate the Memory Pylon to witness the fate of Professor Elryna.


From the looks of it, Elryna's story should have a very interesting end. This pylon here has been acting up, but I think I know why!

These things use memory cores, little crystals found within the center of the orb. I bet there's one in that old magi tower.

There's a snapdragon that's bigger than the terrormaws in there so here, keep the scroll for now. It should help in your fight. She's a big one!


You will receive:


What happened that fateful day?


So. She was betrayed by that general?

He probably proceeded to take all the credit himself.

Shame. But at least now we have the knowledge! Thank you, <name>.


Activating the pylon
General Huxzar says: Show me.
Professor Elryna says: Yes, of course. I think Azshara will be very pleased with what you report.
General Huxzar says: Enough talking. Do you dare waste the Queen's time?
Elryna transforms the Rabid Hillstalker into Snapdragon Ravager.
General Huxzar says: Very impressive indeed. I assume you have kept notes on this research?
Professor Elryna says: That would be correct, General.
General Huxzar says: Good.
Huxzar kills Elryna and loots her.


  1. N [120] Legacy of Nar'anan & N [120] Snap Back
  2. N [120] The Fate of Professor Elryna

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