NeutralThe Fate of Runetotem
Start Matoclaw [27.2, 62.6]
End Dorda'en Nightweaver [27.5, 62.5]
Level 35
Category Firelands Invasion
Experience 6940
Reputation +10 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards 94s
Previous N [35] Through the Gates of Hell


Speak with Dorda'en Nightweaver at the Sanctuary of Malorne in Mount Hyjal.


I apologize for speaking curtly with you earlier. The loss of Hamuul was shocking to me, and difficult to cope with.

They brought in his body while you were away. He is alive, but - as you might imagine - he is very, very badly burned.

The scars are deep. He may not live.

I have arranged for some of our finest healers to attend to him. If it is not too much to ask, would you speak with Dorda'en Nightweaver? He and his fellow attendants may need your help.


You will receive: 94s


Yes, Hamuul lives. You can visit him in the tent behind me, but please, be careful. He is in a fragile condition, and we are doing everything in our power just to keep him alive and comfortable.

Whoever did this to the Arch Druid showed no mercy. I hope that you are someday able to return the favor.


You will receive:


10 yards to the northeast by the tent. Dorda has some gossip text:

Yes? The Archdruid is ressting.
I am sure he appreciates your visit, but it is best not to disturb him.

Gossip How is Hamuul doing?

It is difficult to say. His injuries are grievous. Even though he is a powerful druid, it will take time and patience to restore him back to full health.

Completing this quest unlocks three Hamuul-focused dailies. The Hamuul quests share a daily slot with the one-shot quests that Matoclaw offered back in phase one: either one of those two one-shot quests or one of the three Hamuul quests will be offered each day.


  1. N [35] Leyara
  2. N [35] Through the Gates of Hell and N [35] The Fate of Runetotem
  3. Malfurion offers the opportunity to recruit other factions after Through the Gates of Hell:

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