NeutralThe Fearstalker
Image of The Fearstalker
Title <Harvester of Dread>
Gender Female
Race Venthyr (Humanoid)
Level 57-60 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Court of Harvesters
Location Wanecrypt Hill, Revendreth
Companion(s) Vanatora (mount), Varlasen

The Fearstalker is a venthyr located at Wanecrypt Hill in Revendreth. She is the Harvester of Dread. The Fearstalker commands the Hopebreakers of Dredhollow, hunting down and breaking souls that inspired fear and dread in life.

After the Accuser was captured by the Lord Chamberlain, Denathrius ordered her to be hunted by the Fearstalker and her Hopebreakers.[1] The Fearstalker introduced the Maw Walker to the hunt, entrusting them with the soul of Houndmaster Loksey.[2] Once they dealt with him,[3] she turned her attention to the Accuser but was caught in a trap and sent through one of Revendreth's mirrors.[4] When the Fearstalker returned to Dredhollow to kill the Accuser and the Maw Walker, she once again fell prey to one of their traps and was set upon by a powerful devourer. Though she defeated it, the battle left her weakened enough for the Accuser and the Maw Walker to slay her.[5]


  • Ability rogue shadowstep.png  Blink Step — The caster shifts their position, instantly teleporting to behind the enemy and attacking with Stab.
  • Spell animarevendreth beam.png  Drain Colossus — Heals the caster for 3% of maximum health every 0.5 for 5 sec.
  • Ability rogue shadowstrike.png  Pierce — Pierces the enemy with a sharpened blade, inflicting Physical damage.
  • Ability warlock improvedsoulleech.png  Weakened Soul — Weakened by the Worldeater Colossus.


Objective of




  • Everything is prey to the apex predator.
  • Your fear betrays you.
  • Fear itself is enough.
  • You only need one weakness to be vulnerable.
  • You have many things to fear, little one.
  • You need-not know me to fear me.
  • Have you ever been truly... humbled?


  • You are not worth the chase.
  • I beginning to think that you are the one stalking me.


  • You reek of sin. You would be easy to track.
  • You cannot hide from me.
  • I shall give you a head-start.
  • Run while you can.
  • Watch your back... or someone else will.
  • Next time... I will find you.


During N [58] The Authority of Revendreth

Ah, a <race>. And what an interesting... scent... your soul has. Very distinct.

I am known as the Fearstalker, Harvester of Dread. In my forest, I am the predator, and the souls my prey.

You should come visit sometime. I am sure it would be very enlightening.

At Wanecrypt Hill

The hunt calls, <name>.


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