The Fearstalker (quest)

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NeutralThe Fearstalker
Start The Accuser [39.7, 81.2]
End The Accuser [43.2, 73.9]
Level 59 (Requires 59)
Category Revendreth
Experience 9,700
Rewards  [Shoes of Pained Absolution]
or  [Nightcloaked Shoes]
or  [Soul Hunter's Boots]
or  [Stoneforged Sabatons]
51g 1s 20c
Previous N [59] Breaking the Hopebreakers, N [59] They Won't Know What Hit Them, and N [59] Rebel Reinforcements
Next N [59] Where is Prince Renathal?
The Fearstalker
"The Harvester of Dread, carrying out the Master's kill order on you and all of Sinfall."


Speak to the Accuser to trigger the trap. Then, kill the Fearstalker and collect the Medallion of Dread.


The trap has been set and the Fearstalker has walked right in.

Just as I expected, her pride has blinded her to the obvious. Have that vial I gave you earlier ready. It may prove useful in the fight ahead.

When you are ready, we can spring the trap.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv boot cloth oribosquesting b 01.png [Shoes of Pained Absolution] Inv boot oribosquesting b 01.png [Nightcloaked Shoes]
Inv mail oribosquesting b 01 boots.png [Soul Hunter's Boots] Inv boot plate oribosquesting b 01.png [Stoneforged Sabatons]

You will also receive:

  • 51g 1s 20c
  • 9,700 XP


The Fearstalker must be defeated.


This medallion will serve us well. But we lack our leader to don it.

We must seek out more allies.


Speak with the Accuser:

Are you ready?
Gossip I am ready.
The Fearstalker and her forces set off the anima traps as they begin their assault. This lures the devourers to the town, eliminating her forces. A large Worldeater Colossus attacks the Fearstalker. In the aftermath of this battle, she is weakened.

On the other side of the cutscene, the Fearstalker has been reduced to 50% health.

The Fearstalker says: Such an elaborate plan to defeat me -- and yet I stand. Let us finish this

Players have a bonus ability:

Ability rogue crimsonvial.png  Condensed Anima Vial 30 yd range — Throw the vial on the Fearstalker. Dousing her anima and interrupting any spells. Instant (10 sec cooldown)

Aggro her:

The Fearstalker says: We will snuff out this resistance. In the Master's name!

Occasionally, the Fearstalker will channel Drain Colossus on the dead Worldeater Colossus:

The Accuser says: She is trying to siphon the anima! Use the vial, <name>!

Use the bonus ability to stun her and have some Lured Mites stack the Leeched debuff on her for a few seconds.

Kill her:

The Fearstalker says: The hunter becomes... the hunted.
General Draven says: A decisive victory. We will meet you outside Dredhollow, <name>.

This completes the "The Rebellion" chapter of the Revendreth storyline and "The Penitent Hunt" chapter of [The Master of Revendreth]. The campaign continues with N [59] Where is Prince Renathal?.


  1. N [59] The Grove of Terror
  2. N [59] Dread Priming
  3. N [59] Alpha Bat
  4. N [59] King of the Hill
  5. N [59] Let the Hunt Begin
  6. N [59] The Penitent Hunt and N [59] Devour This
  7. N [59] The Accuser
  8. N [59] A Reflection of Truth
  9. N [59] Dredhollow
  10. N [59] Breaking the Hopebreakers, N [59] They Won't Know What Hit Them, and N [59] Rebel Reinforcements
  11. N [59] The Fearstalker

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