HordeThe Fel Crystals

Fel Crystal
Start Image of Archmage Khadgar
End Image of Archmage Khadgar
Level 10-40
Category Frostfire Ridge
Experience 13970
Rewards 12g 20s
Previous H [10-40] Have a Heart
Next H [10-40] To Capture Gul'dan


Destroy the Fel Crystals.

  • Southern Fel Crystal
  • Central Fel Crystal
  • Northern Fel Crystal

Provided item:  [The Heart of Fernus]


You have the key. Now use it to destroy the fel crystals.

Once they are eliminated, the magical barrier blocking the entrance to the Gloomspire will come down.

And once the barrier is down, you'll go inside to confront Gul'dan.


You will receive: 12g 20s


On accept:

Archmage Khadgar says: The three crystals are strategically located about the ruins. Destroy them with the Heart of Fernus.


The barrier is down. Now it's time to capture Gul'dan.


  • 13970 XP


Run across the ridge to get to the central Fel Crystal, turn south, then run along the path north to get the last one, near the cave entrance. The Image of Archmage Khadgar has relocated to the mouth of the cave in the Gloomspire, so turn in to him there.


  1. H [10-40] Vouchsafe Our Arrival (optional)
  2. H [10-40] Safe Passage
  3. H [10-40] What Must Be Done
    • Optional side chain:
    1. H [10-40] A Clew of Worms
    2. H [10-40] The Sleeper Has Awakened
  4. H [10-40] Eye Need That
  5. H [10-40] All is Revealed
  6. H [10-40] Have a Heart
  7. H [10-40] The Fel Crystals
  8. H [10-40] To Capture Gul'dan

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