NeutralThe Final Blessing
Start Mythandros Irongrove
End Solendra Featherdown
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Suramar
Previous N [45] Fertilizing the Future, N [45] Prongs and Fangs
Next N [45] Natural Adversaries, N [45] Moonwhisper Rescue, N [45] Managazer


Speak to Solendra Featherdown.


My friend Solendra Featherdown went to explore the habitat of the native Nightsabers.

Now that we have the blessings of the Feathermane and the Sablehorn it is time to seek the blessing of the Nightsabers. She is just on the other side of this glade, to the North.


Welcome, <race>.


  1. N [45] Feline Frantic
  2. Complete all of:
    • Yowlon quest chain
    1. N [45] Homeward Bounding
    2. N [45] You've Got to Be Kitten Me Right Meow
    • Kalendros Irongrove quest chain
    1. N [45] Missing Along the Way
    2. N [45] Not Here, Not Now, Not Ever
    3. N [45] The Only Choice We Can Make
  3. N [45] Redhoof the Ancient
  4. N [45] Fertilizing the Future & N [45] Prongs and Fangs
  5. N [45] The Final Blessing
  6. N [45] Natural Adversaries & N [45] Managazer & N [45] Moonwhisper Rescue
  7. N [45] Return to Irongrove Retreat
  8. N [45] Eminent Grow-main

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