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HordeThe Final Blow!
Start General Nazgrim
End General Nazgrim
Level 10-35
Category Jade Forest
Experience 111,000
Rewards 9g 80s
Previous H [10-35] Finish Them!
H [10-35] Fire Is Always the Answer
Next H [10-35] You're Either With Us Or...
H [10-35] Regroup!
H [10-35] Face to Face With Consequence


Slay Captain Doren in Thunder Hold.

  • Destroy the first barricade
  • Destroy the second barricade
  • Destroy the third barricade
  • Find Captain Doren
  • Inv musket 04 [Nazgrim's Flare Gun] (provided)


We've learned that their captain has barricaded himself in above us.

The coward allowed his forces to die while he hid from our fury! Typical Alliance! No matter. He cannot delay his fate any longer.

I will scale the walls with my marines while you lead a frontal assault up the ramps. Use your flare gun on munitions near the barricades to blast your way through.

We will meet you up top and destroy this pathetic excuse for a captain together!


You will receive: 9g 80s


An air base - they had a hidden airbase here this entire time! Had I know I would've kept more men on the guns, I would've - Uaaghh -

<The color drains from Nazgrim's face, and his body begins to exude a mysterious dark energy.>


Use the flare gun on the firework at the barricades.

Thunder Hold Infantryman yells: Don't let the horde scum through!
Thunder Hold Sharp-Shooter yells: There's a <class> incoming! Don't let him through!

When at the top, Kor'kron Dubs greets you.

Kor'kron Dubs says: <Name>! You're here! Assault their leader and we will back you up.

When you get to the top and go to Doren, he will jump off the edge and into his gyrocopter.

Captain Doren yells: You scum will NOT destroy this land as you defiled Kalimdor!
General Nazgrim yells: Coward!

Doren and his other gyrocopter troops shoots down Hellscream's Fist.

General Nazgrim yells: What is - no - NO! They had an airbase, a hidden airbase... my ship - my - Hellscream will have my head!

When completing the quest, Nazgrim suddenly transforms...

General Nazgrim says: They all must die.

Out of nowhere, a pandaren appears and cleanses Nazgrim of the Sha that transformed him.

General Nazgrim says: You! Bear-creature. What kind of sorcery was that?
Taran Zhu says: Stranger - your own doubts have been made manifest. Pandaria is not like whatever land you come from; it lives and breathes. YOU should be careful what kind of energy you bring here.
General Nazgrim says: We bring only our honor and the desire to crush our enemies. Have your kind been aiding the Alliance?
Taran Zhu says: It is not our desire to get wrapped up in your bloodshed. Now have your men lower their weapons, or you will face TWO enemies on this continent.



  1. H [10-35] The Art of War or H [10-35] Warchief's Command: Jade Forest! or H [10-35] Mists of Pandaria: To Pandaria!
  2. H [10-35] All Aboard!
  3. H [10-35] Into the Mists
  4. H [10-35] Paint it Red!
  5. H [10-35] Touching Ground
  6. Complete both of:
  7. H [10-35] The Final Blow!
  8. Complete all of:
  9. H [10-35] Seeking Zin'jun
  10. H [10-35] Cryin' My Eyes Out
  11. H [10-35] Seein' Red
  12. Complete all of of:
  13. H [10-35] The Darkness Within
  14. H [10-35] Nazgrim's Command
  15. Complete both of:
    • Shademaster Kiryn's quests
    1. H [10-35] Forensic Science
    2. H [10-35] Acid Rain
    • Rivett Clutchpop's quests
    1. H [10-35] Missed Me By... That Much!
    2. H [10-35] They're So Thorny!
  16. H [10-35] Lay of the Land
  17. H [10-35] Stay a While, and Listen
  18. H [10-35] A Mile in My Shoes
  19. H [10-35] If These Stones Could Speak
  20. H [10-35] Peering Into the Past
  21. H [10-35] Family Tree
  22. H [10-35] Swallowed Whole
  23. H [10-35] Orders are Orders
  24. H [10-35] Instant Messaging
  25. H [10-35] Beyond the Horizon
  26. H [10-35] Furious Fowl
  27. H [10-35] Boom Bait
  28. H [10-35] The Scouts Return
  29. H [10-35] Scouting Report: Hostile Natives
  30. H [10-35] Scouting Report: On the Right Track
  31. H [10-35] Scouting Report: The Friend of My Enemy
  32. H [10-35] Scouting Report: Like Jinyu in a Barrel
  33. H [10-35] Guerrillas in our Midst
  34. H [10-35] Burning Down the House
  35. H [10-35] Dawn's Blossom

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