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The Firelord's Command

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NeutralThe Firelord's Command
Start Baron Scaldius
End Lord Smolderon
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Shaman Campaign
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N Shaman [110] Ascendant of Flames
Next N Shaman [110] The Brand of Damnation


Defeat the forces of Pyroth.


Greetings, mortal. I am Scaldius, emissary of Lord Smolderon.

I have just met with others from your order. They tell me that you will bring an end to those who oppose my master. This pleases Lord Smolderon.

Pyroth and his minions defy my master's rule and so an example must be made of them. You will slay Pyroth and his champions!

Nothing is more humiliating than death at the hands of a mortal. Do this and Lord Smolderon will grant you audience.


You will receive: 19g 40s


I will devour the heart of Pyroth with great pleasure!


The son of Rhyolith slain by mere mortals? What an ignominious death!

You have done well, <class>. This pleases me greatly.



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