This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.
The Forgotten Ones
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Location Inner Kingdom, Azjol-Nerub
Result Scourge victory
Commanders and leaders



Faceless Ones

Previous Into the Shadow Web Caverns
Next Ascent to the Upper Kingdom

The Forgotten Ones is chapter 7, mission two, of the Legacy of the Damned.

Loading screen

Moments later, within the Inner Kingdom...


As King Arthas and Anub'arak lead the Scourge through Azjol-Nerub to reach Icecrown the pair encounter more Nerubians and even the Faceless ones who do all they can to prevent their escape. After fighting their way through their enemies the Scourge end up coming accross a Forgotten One to Anub'arak's shocked horror. After a fierce fight the Scourge is able to kill it, but are forced to flee from the approaching Faceless ones as they decide the best course of action is to get to Icecrown asap.


Main Quests

Availablequest BTNNerubian.png The Old Kingdom

  • Locate the exit of the Old Kingdom
  • Arthas and Anub'arak must survive

The ice cracks, and horrific noises erupt from the depths of the Old Kingdom. Though the horrors within this place are fierce you must fight your way through to the exit. Let nothing stand in your way.

Availablequest BTNForgottenOne.png The Forgotten One

  • Kill the Forgotten One
  • Arthas and Anub'arak must survive

Bursting forth from the ice, an unfathomable horror of a long forgotten time has emerged to block your passage. Destroy it and break free of the Old Kingdom.

Optional Quests

Availablequest BTNCrypt.png Rescue the Crypt Fiends

  • Find and release the Crypt Fiends

The rebel spiders captured several Crypt Fiends! They're being held in a nearby chamber. Release them, and they will be yours to command.

Availablequest BTNChestOfGold.png Find the Gold Stashes

  • Find the five gold stashes (5 found)

Gold Coins have been hidden throughout these underground chambers. Find them for an increase of your gold coffers. This would be useful the next time you require gold to sustain and build your forces.



IconSmall Anub'arak.gif Anub'arak: We have entered the Old Kingdom. Be wary, death knight. Whatever scared the dwarves still lurks down here somewhere.

During the Mission

IconSmall Anub'arak.gif Anub'arak: Wait--the towers on either side are rigged to fire bolts of frost. This hallway is a deathtrap.
IconSmall ArthasDK.gif King Arthas: Can't we disable them?
IconSmall Anub'arak.gif Anub'arak: The circular hatch in the far wall is an aqueduct plug. If we can open it, the water might flood the firing mechanisms and disable the entire trap.
IconSmall ArthasDK.gif King Arthas: That's done it! Let's move.
IconSmall Nerubian.gif Nerubian: Look, brothers! The traitor king!
IconSmall ArthasDK.gif King Arthas: Who, me?
IconSmall Anub'arak.gif Anub'arak: He is referring to me, death knight. These nerubians will stop at nothing to destroy us!
  • IconSmall Nerubian.gif Nerubian: Slay the intruders!
  • IconSmall Nerubian.gif Nerubian: Death to the servants of Ner'zhul!
  • IconSmall Nerubian.gif Nerubian: Drive the foul undead back to the surface!
IconSmall ArthasDK.gif King Arthas: The guardians are activating! Defend yourselves!
IconSmall Anub'arak.gif Anub'arak: The eggs of our young are incubated within those breeding pods. There's no telling how many vicious hatchlings they hold.
IconSmall ArthasDK.gif King Arthas: You were right--they're definitely hostile! We've got to destroy the breeding pods!
IconSmall Anub'arak.gif Anub'arak: We could also seal the doors to shut the hatchlings in!
IconSmall ArthasDK.gif King Arthas: What the hell are they?
IconSmall Anub'arak.gif Anub'arak: They are the horrors the dwarves spoke of. I thought they were only legends.
IconSmall ArthasDK.gif King Arthas: What?
IconSmall Anub'arak.gif Anub'arak: They are the faceless ones...
IconSmall Anub'arak.gif Anub'arak: It cannot be...
IconSmall Anub'arak.gif Anub'arak: A forgotten one. Look to your defenses, death knight! Fight as you've never fought before!

Optional Mission

IconSmall CryptFiend.gif Crypt Fiend: Thank you, great one. The rebel spiders captured my comrades as well! They're being held in a nearby chamber. Release them, and they will be yours to command.


IconSmall Anub'arak.gif Anub'arak: We cannot take them all! Hurry, death knight--up the stairwell! Hurry!

The Forgotten Ones Map.jpg


Faceless Ones
  • IconSmall Nerubian.gif Nerubians


  • The map has two unused units, a blue crab and a red crab, which don't seem to serve any purpose.
  • Despite only being encountered in this one scenario, the Forgotten One was edited in the scenario's files. Originally it had Fire Bolt and Charm abilities instead of Breath of Fire, Flamestrike, and Cripple.