The Founding of the Order of the Cloud Serpent

The Founding of the Order of the Cloud Serpent can be found inside the Scrollkeeper's Sanctum of the Temple of the Jade Serpent in the Jade Forest. There are two locations, both on the upper floor: one in the southwest corner, and one in the northeast.

The Founding of the Order of the Cloud Serpent

During the Zandalari Wars just after the founding of the Pandaren Empire, a young girl named Jiang was walking through the Arboretum when she heard a noise. A small cloud serpent lay there on the ground, injured and near death. With a mother's gentleness, Jiang took this small creature in to her arms and in to her care. She named him Lo, and they became fast friends.

This was much to the lament of the common people. Serpents, you see, were feared as monsters and wild animals, both cunning and dangerous. The townsfolk shunned Jiang, and begged for her to get rid of Lo before he became old enough to hurt her.

One day, the Zandalari army had pushed as far south as the Jade Forest. Monsters from the sea, these trolls launched an attack against Pandaria. Jiang answered the call to arms, and defended her people on the beaches.

It was in one of these battles that Jiang nearly perished at the hands of a troll spear. Just as the weapon was inches from her heart, Lo came to the rescue.

The serpent, only half grown, swooped in and ripped the troll limb from limb. He then gathered up the wounded Jiang and flew her far from the battle to safety.

When she was well enough, Jiang approached the leaders of Pandaria's defenses. These were the great warrior monks who defended the land from the trolls and other dangers.

She tried to explain to them how serpents could help, how Lo had saved her, how she knew how to turn the tide of battle.

But her words fell on deaf ears. The monks were mired in their own wisdom, and chose to continue their defense in the way they sought fit.

Jiang did not give up though. This rejection only fueled her resolve.

Several days later, the Zandalari had pushed in from the coast. It was on the great bridge near Dawn's Blossom that the pandaren champions stood their ground. With an effort they tried to hold back the trolls, and were losing. The Zandalari numbers were vast, and their bat riders fought in such a way the pandaren had no counter to. All hope of victory began to fade.

And then what should appear to the eyes of an onlooker? Ji riding atop her friend Lo!

The two friends swooped in, plucking the Zandalari from the bridge and striking down their bat riders. None could stand before the fury of these two friends.

The war would still take many months to win, but this was the turning point. Soon Ji was training other pandaren how to ride as she did, upon the backs of other serpents.

Jiang and Lo were heroes! From that day forward, the serpent became a symbol of hope to the pandaren people, and the Order of the Cloud Serpent was founded. To this day they protect and serve all of the Jade Forest.

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