NeutralThe Frozen Flame
Start Aethas Sunreaver
End Archmage Modera
Level 10-45
Category Artifact
Experience 22,600
Rewards  [Felo'melorn]
 [Heart of the Phoenix]
46g 20s
Previous N Mage [10-45] The Path of Atonement
Next N Mage [10-45] The Champion's Return


Obtain  [Felo'melorn] from Lyandra Sunstrider in Icecrown Citadel.

  • Mage Portal Taken
  • Obtain Felo'melorn


It is time we make our move, <name>. I can conjure a portal that will take you directly inside but it will take some time before I can make another and join you.

The Lich King will no doubt sense the magic of your arrival so you will need to move fast to locate Felo'melorn and secure it.

If Lyandra has the blade with her then I fear she may not relinquish it easily. Be prepared for anything, <name>.


You will receive:
Inv sword 1h artifactfelomelorn d 01.png [Felo'melorn] Inv offhand 1h artifactfelomelorn d 01.png [Heart of the Phoenix]
  • 46g 20s
  • 22600 XP (at level 100)


Felo'melorn... I can barely believe that such great power is locked within a blade as beautiful as this!

With this weapon in your hands, the Legion will surely fall!


Take Aethas's Portal to enter a special version of Valithria Dreamwalker's room in the Frostwing Halls of Icecrown Citadel.

Quest accept
Aethas Sunreaver says: The portal will take you directly inside Icecrown. Hurry, it won't last long! I'll follow after you as soon as I can.
Aethas Sunreaver says: Good luck, hero.
Aethas conjures a portal to Icecrown.

Stage 1: The Frozen Halls

Area map

Defeat the Iceborn Conjurer.
  • Defeat the Iceborn Conjurer and enter into Icecrown Citadel
The Lich King says: I sense an intruder who has come in search of plunder. You underestimate the dangers of Icecrown, foolish mage!
The Lich King says: Your thoughts are transparent, <name>. I sense you have come seeking Felo'melorn. You hope to use it against the Legion. Interesting. I wonder...
The Lich King says: If you are as powerful as you believe, then perhaps you may prove more worthy of the sword than the last mage who came to claim it.
The Lich King says: But be warned! I will not be responsible for the fate which befalls you... any more than I was for what happened to the last seeker who hoped to take my relic.
The Lich King says: Should you succeed, the blade is yours. But if you should fail... then you will become a mindless minion of the Scourge. Do not expect my protection.

The player spawns at the south end of the Frostwing Halls, and the entrance to the main room is guarded by a Frozen Necromancer skeletal mage with 129,000 health (at level 100) and two Frostblight Skeletons with 134,000 health each (also at level 100). Focus on the necromancer first, as the skeletons move slowly and only have a small area-of-effect attack (Razor's Edge), that deals damage in the area marked on the ground in front of them. Kite the skeletons around while killing the necromancer and then the skeletons.

In the main room are two patrolling Frostblight Skeletons and 13 Frost Blocks, that either when the player approaches too closely or run out of health (19,161 at level 100), releases the Frozen Geist (with 38,322 health at level 100) inside that has a stacking movement speed debuff.

Your movements have caused a Frost Block to break open!

At the far end of the hall, the Iceborn Conjurer is channeling Chilling Winds in either the middle third or the outer two thirds of the room that will push the player backward. Stand on the edge of the wind field and side-step away when the conjurer changes portions.

Get within 30 yards of the Iceborn Conjurer lich to stop the channel and start the encounter. It has 382,000 health (at level 100) and frost mage abilities, like a [Frost Nova] with a cast time and [Blizzard].

Iceborn Conjurer yells: You step into the land of the dead, mortal. The Lich King has decreed that the living shall not enter Icecrown!

Stage 2: Meltdown

The servants of the Lich King have conjured walls of ice to block your path. Destroy them.

Walk up to the first wall and destroy it. Upon entering the next room:

Lyandra Sunstrider says: I, too, came to Icecrown in search of Felo'melorn. The Lich King gave me the blade... and more. He gave me purpose!
Lyandra Sunstrider says: Only when the blinding pain of life left me did I see the truth! Only then was the majesty of the plan revealed!
Lyandra Sunstrider says: You do not realize that you're groping in the darkness! Felo'melorn would be wasted in your hands!
Lyandra Sunstrider says: The blade is mine, by the will of the master... and by rights of blood! Oppose me and you WILL be struck down!

The next two rooms have constant falling ice blocks, much like the Pit of Saron gauntlet before Scourgelord Tyrannus. Steer clear of the Frost Blocks to avoid spawning more geists as well. Continue destroying Ice Walls. After destroying the third ice wall, enter the Spire and turn north, heading counterclockwise. Clear another necromancer and two skeletons, then two more geists and a Wretched Horror with 191,000 health each (at level 100). It only has basic melee and a slow-to-cast Hulking Kick that can be sidestepped.

Clear the last wall to enter the Crimson Hall and begin the next stage.

Stage 3: Hot on the Trail

Survive the assault of the burning dead.
  • Defeat waves of enemies (3)

After destroying the fourth wall, Lyandra appears in front of a wall of flame in the far part of the hallway.

Lyandra Sunstrider yells: Foolish mortal! You should have fled when you had the chance.
Lyandra Sunstrider yells: Arise, ghouls! Feast upon this intruder's heart!

Lyandra summons five Exploding Ghouls with 35,476 health each (at level 100). Spread a [Living Bomb] or three around (if so talented), wind up a [Flamestrike], then use [Dragon's Breath] to hopefully finish one off and trigger explosions to kill the rest.

Lyandra Sunstrider yells: Unacceptable! My minions will rip you apart!

Lyandra summons two Burning Skeletons with 124,000 health (at level 100). They have a Burning Smash frontal cone attack that can be sidestepped.

Lyandra Sunstrider yells: I will not be defeated! Come, my pet! Sate your hunger with the flesh of the living!

She finally summons Charbone, a plague-dog with 177,000 health (at level 100), before running past the fiery barrier into the Crimson Hall. Take out Charbone to start the next stage.

Stage 4: Playing With Fire

Slay Lyandra Sunstrider.
  • Slay Lyandra Sunstrider

Lyandra is standing with Felo'melorn in hand in the center of the Crimson Hall, with a pile of scattered bones behind her.

Lyandra Sunstrider yells: Enough of these games. This ends here!

Lyandra has 295,000 health (at level 100) and uses Fireball, Pyroblast (interruptible), and Phoenix Reborn, which deals damage in a 4 yard radius around a selected area.


Lyandra Sunstrider yells: If you long for my blade so badly, then you shall have it!

At around 60%, Lyandra teleports backwards and becomes engulfed in a Wreath of Flames, making her immune to all physical and magical damage.

Lyandra Sunstrider yells: Awaken, Gorewing! Tear my foe asunder!

She then immediately raises Gorewing the Awakened from the bones on the floor to attack the player. Gorewing is a bone wraith with 152,000 health (at level 100). Its main ability is a Bone Storm-like Flame Whirl. Try to stay out of the area of effect by using [Scorch] on the move, then planting and using bigger attacks. Right after Gorewing is summoned, however, Aethas Sunreaver teleports in to distract Lyandra.

Aethas Sunreaver yells: I'm with you, hero! I'll hold Lyandra at bay. Focus on destroying that monster of hers!
Lyandra Sunstrider yells: Aethas! How DARE you! Have you forgotten who I am?
Aethas Sunreaver yells: I remember who you were. But the creature before me now is but a walking corpse!

Aethas then uses Spellbind to imprison Lyandra with arcane magic. Upon killing Gorewing, however, Aethas gets knocked back and stunned by Arcane Backlash, allowing Lyandra to once again attack the player.

Lyandra Sunstrider yells: This ends now!

Finish Lyandra off.

Lyandra Sunstrider yells: So... cold...

Final Stage: The Flamestrike

Felo'melorn is yours. Take it.
  • Take Felo'melorn.

Felo'melorn appears in the center of the room amidst a fiery explosion. Aethas has recovered from the backlash and walks over to stand next to the blade.

The Lich King says: All doubt has been banished! You are truly worthy of the blade! Claim your prize and leave, hero. The living have no place within my prison of ice.
Aethas Sunreaver says: An inglorious stain upon the Sunstrider name has been cleansed. Good work, hero!

After looting Felo'melorn, Aethas opens a Mage Portal back to Dalaran.

Aethas Sunreaver says: Let's go... before the Lich King decides we've overstayed our welcome. I must plead my case before the council.

Back in Dalaran, walk in to the Violet Citadel to see Aethas under guard in front of the Council of Six:

Aethas Sunreaver says: Esteemed Archmages of the Council, may I present to you <name>, bearer of Felo'melorn.

Turn in to Modera. The next quest, N Mage [10-45] The Champion's Return, is offered automatically, but the dialogue continues:

Archmage Modera says: As you can see, our former colleague followed through on his promise of assistance. I trust you will take that into account as you consider his request to be allowed back in the city.
Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver says: How do we know he won't betray the Kirin Tor once again?
Archmage Karlain says: If he wished to use the blade for his own ends, he would have simply given it to one of his Sunreavers.
Archmage Karlain says: Aethas's actions appear to be genuine. I say we grant his request.
Archmage Khadgar says: Very well, that's two in favor of allowing Aethas back into the city. Ansirem, how do you vote?
Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver says: Very well, I trust the wisdom of Karlain's council.[sic] I vote yes.
Archmage Khadgar says: And what say the rest of you?
Archmage Kalec says: Yes, of course.
Archmage Khadgar says: Then it is decided. Aethas Sunreaver, you are free to go. Do not misuse this opportunity given to you.
Aethas rises to a standing position and bows before walking out of the citadel.


  1. N Mage [10-45] Felstorm's Plea
  2. N Mage [10-45] The Dreadlord's Prize
  3. N Mage [10-45] A Mage's Weapon
  4. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  5. N Mage [10-45] The Champion's Return (arcane and fire)
  6. N Mage [10-45] The Great Akazamzarak
  7. N Mage [10-45] The Only Way to Travel
  8. N Mage [10-45] The Tirisgarde Reborn
  9. N Mage [10-45] A Conjuror's Duty
  10. N Mage [10-45] Growing Power
  11. N Mage [10-45] Rise, Champions
  12. N Mage [10-45] Technical Wizardry
  13. N Mage [10-45] Archmage Omniara
  14. N Mage [10-45] Building Our Troops
  15. N Mage [10-45] Troops in the Field
  16. N Mage [10-45] Tech It Up A Notch
  17. N Mage [10-45] Ancient Magic
  18. N Mage [10-45] An Unexpected Visitor
  19. N Mage [10-45] A Covert Operation
  20. N Mage [10-45] Prepare To Be Assimilated
  21. N Mage [10-45] What Is Going On Here?
  22. Complete both:
  23. N Mage [10-45] Final Exit
  24. N Mage [10-45] Empyrean Society Report
  25. Side quests:
  26. N Mage [10-45] The Council is in Session
  27. N Mage [10-45] Archmage Vargoth's Retreat
  28. N Mage [10-45] Following In His Footsteps

Level 45

  1. N Mage [45] Kalec's Plan
  2. Side quests:
  3. N Mage [45] Not A Toothless Dragon
  4. N Mage [45] The Enemy of My Enemy...
  5. N Mage [45] Impending Dooooooom!
  6. N Mage [45] A Terrible Loss
  7. Complete all of:
  8. N Mage [45] Into the Oculus

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