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The G-Team (2) (Horde)

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HordeThe G-Team
Start B.E Barechus
End Face
Level 10-30 (Requires 10)
Type Dungeon
Category Gnomeregan
Experience 4,500
Reputation +500 Gnomeregan
Rewards 35s
Previous H [10-30D] The G-Team
Next H [10-30D] The G-Team
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [10-30D] The G-Team.


Kill the Electrocutioner 6000.


That Murd Doc is crazy, <class>. Never, ever, let you find yourself in an aircraft with that gnome.

Stealth usually isn't my thing, and it's certainly not going to be yours. Go down this hallway to the Launch Bay and dispose of the Electrocutioner 6000.

The Electrocutioner is in charge of the aircraft...

...and I hate aircraft. I'm not getting in any sort of aircraft!

Use this parachute to drop down afterwards and speak with Commando Face for your next job.


You will receive: 35s


Took you long enough. Get behind the pillar before you blow our cover!



Optional lead ins: A [10-30D] Home Sweet Gnome or A [10-30D] Exploring Gnomeregan

  1. B [10-30D] The G-Team
  2. B [10-30D] The G-Team
  3. B [10-30D] The G-Team

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