The Gilneas Liberation Front

Horde 32.pngThe Gilneas Liberation Front
Start Grand Executor Mortuus [57.4, 10.1]
End Grand Executor Mortuus [57.4, 10.1]
Level 5-30
Category Silverpine Forest
Experience 875
Reputation +250 Undercity
Rewards Inv bracer 27b.png [Nubly Bracers] or Inv wand 02.png [Nub's Wand] or Inv misc cape 14.png [Nubish Cloak]
Previous Horde 15.png [5-30] The Warchief Cometh


Kill 10 Worgen Renegades.


The battle over this region still rages, <name>nub. Although we soundly beat back the Gilnean defenses and took Gilneas for the Horde, a small group of rebels managed to escape. The "Gilneas Liberation Front" - as they call themselves - make attacks of opportunity against our forces in the field. The rebels have had a few minor victories and now grow brazen in their assaults! The time to strike back is now, <name>nub.

Venture south into the wilds of Silverpine and kill any rebel that you cross.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv bracer 27b.png [Nubly Bracers] Inv wand 02.png [Nub's Wand]
Inv misc cape 14.png [Nubish Cloak]


What have you to report, <name>nub?


<name>nub has returned! And in one piece!

Defender of Silverpine! Redeemer of the Horde! <name>nub, your bravery must be rewarded!


Pick up Horde 15.png [5-30] Guts and Gore and Horde 15.png [5-30] Agony Abounds before heading out.


Optional breadcrumb: Horde 15.png [5-30] Warchief's Command: Silverpine Forest!

  1. Horde 15.png [5-30] The Warchief Cometh
  2. Horde 15.png [5-30] Guts and Gore
    Side quests: Horde 15.png [5-30] The Gilneas Liberation Front / Horde 15.png [5-30] Agony Abounds
  3. Horde 15.png [5-30] Iterating Upon Success
  4. Horde 15.png [5-30] Dangerous Intentions
  5. Horde 15.png [5-30] Waiting to Exsanguinate
  6. Horde 15.png [5-30] Belmont's Report
  7. Horde 15.png [5-30] The Warchief's Fleet
  8. Horde 15.png [5-30] Steel Thunder & Horde 15.png [5-30] Give 'em Hell!
    Side quest chain:
    1. Horde 15.png [5-30] Playing Dirty
    2. Horde 15.png [5-30] It's Only Poisonous if You Ingest It
  9. Horde 15.png [5-30] Lost in the Darkness
    1. Horde 15.png [5-30] Skitterweb Menace
    2. Horde 15.png [5-30] Deeper into Darkness
  10. Horde 15.png [5-30] Orcs are in Order
  11. Horde 15.png [5-30] Rise, Forsaken
  12. Horde 15.png [5-30] No Escape
  13. Horde 15.png [5-30] Lordaeron
  14. Horde 15.png [5-30] Honor the Dead
    1. Horde 15.png [5-30] Reinforcements from Fenris
    2. Horde 15.png [5-30] The Waters Run Red...
    • Worgen assassins quests:
    1. Horde 15.png [5-30] Excising the Taint
    2. Horde 15.png [5-30] Seek and Destroy
    3. Horde 15.png [5-30] Cornered and Crushed!
    4. Horde 15.png [5-30] Nowhere to Run
  15. Horde 15.png [5-30] To Forsaken Forward Command
  16. Horde 15.png [5-30] In Time, All Will Be Revealed & Horde 15.png [5-30] Losing Ground & Horde 15.png [5-30] The F.C.D.
  17. Horde 15.png [5-30] Break in Communications: Dreadwatch Outpost
  18. Horde 15.png [5-30] Break in Communications: Rutsak's Guard
  19. Horde 15.png [5-30] Vengeance for Our Soldiers & Horde 15.png [5-30] On Whose Orders?
  20. Horde 15.png [5-30] What Tomorrow Brings
  21. Horde 15.png [5-30] Fall Back!
  22. Horde 15.png [5-30] A Man Named Godfrey & Horde 15.png [5-30] Resistance is Futile
  23. Horde 15.png [5-30] The Great Escape
  24. Horde 15.png [5-30] Rise, Godfrey
  25. Horde 15.png [5-30] Breaking the Barrier & Horde 15.png [5-30] Unyielding Servitors
  26. Horde 15.png [5-30] Dalar Dawnweaver
  27. Horde 15.png [5-30] Relios the Relic Keeper
    Side quests: Horde 15.png [5-30] Practical Vengeance & Horde 15.png [5-30] Ley Energies
  28. Horde 15.png [5-30] Only One May Enter
  29. Horde 15.png [5-30] Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter I & Horde 15.png [5-30] A Wolf in Bear's Clothing
  30. Horde 15.png [5-30] Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter II
  31. Horde 15.png [5-30] Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III
  32. Horde 15.png [5-30] Taking the Battlefront
  33. Horde 15.png [5-30] Pyrewood's Fall & Horde 15.png [5-30] Lessons in Fear & Horde 15.png [5-30] Of No Consequence
  34. Horde 15.png [5-30] 7th Legion Battle Plans & Horde 15.png [5-30] Sowing Discord
  35. Horde 15.png [5-30] On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  36. Horde 15.png [5-30] Cities in Dust

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