KyrianThe Grand Reception
Start Polemarch Kalisthene [37.0, 61.5]
End Polemarch Kalisthene
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Chains of Domination
Rewards 2g 57s 40c
Previous N [60] A Triumphant Return
Next N [60] The New Path


Speak to Kalisthene to attend the gathering, then mingle with your soulbinds and the other kyrian.


<Name>, you have aided the kyrian in the most trying of times. Your devotion to our cause has helped usher in a new beginning for all of us.

We would be honored if you would join us for a gathering prior to the ceremony. Many members of our covenant wish to express their appreciation for all you have done.

This is a day of great joy. I am so pleased that you are here to witness it!


You will receive:

  • 2g 57s 40c


Take all the time you wish here. There is no rush.


The time of ceremony has come.


Talk to Polemarch Kalisthene again:

Greetings, <name>. How may I be of service?
Gossip I am ready for the reception.

The player is taken to the Font of Fealty at the Seat of the Archon (a special version of the Spires of Ascension) where many NPCs are mingling about.


Eridia and Uther
Eridia says: This is meant to be a joyous occasion. But I think of Lysonia still, every day... it feels as though a piece of me has been taken away forever.
Uther says: I understand your feelings in my own way, Eridia. But healing will come, and eventually, your heart will mend. It will just take time... for both of us.
Tymon and Phillios
Tymon says: I am still not used to my wings. The first night I tried to sleep was...
Phillios says: ... awkward?
Tymon says: To say the very least!
Achillon and Pallessa
Achillon says: Pallesa, you must believe that I never intended to hurt you. I am so incredibly sorry.
Pallessa says: You had to follow your own path. I only wish it did not include wounding me in such a profound way.
Nemea and Zosime (with Lentios)
Zosime says: Kala! Down! Stop! Land!
Nemea says: You must teach her these words for her to listen, Zosime. Until then, she just believes you are barking, not asking her to do something.
Mikanikos says: We shall make great things together, my apprentice. Incredible works and improvements like the shadowlands have never seen before!
Kleia and Adrestes
Kleia says: What we face has never been done before. Do you believe we are prepared to lead this charge?
Polemarch Adrestes says: One cannot be prepared for the unknown. We must be open to the change and support each other through it. If you believe in those around you, no future is too daunting.
Pelagos and Disciple Nikolon
Pelagos says: No matter what has happened, I am glad you have returned to us, Nikolon.
Disciple Nikolos says: Pelagos, you have proved to be the most compassionate of us all. Thank you.
Aspirant Thales
Aspirant Thales says: My sight may be gone, but I have my other senses to guide me. Our experiences in Maldraxxus were formative for us all.


Besides the NPCs listed below, other named characters in the quest without gossip or dialogue incude Stewart (the Steward Guardian of the Stew Ward), Andira the larion, Lentios the larion, Hopo, Kowalskos (finally fulfilling his dream of flying thanks to a Generous Ascended kyrian), and Grubby the silkworm.

The soul I bore was a champion of her world. She protected her people and fought against the endless demonic army that invaded her snowy homeland. She gave everything she had to others, from her supplies to her time and energy.
A soul like that did not deserve any punishment, let alone the torment of the Maw. We had heard as aspirants that souls were being wrongly sent there, but even souls such as hers? It rattled me to my core.
I had no choice. I knew what I had to do. I joined the Forsworn, pushing for change so that we could save these souls. I did not mean to harm Pallessa in any way, but now I am determined to make it up to her.
Acolyte Amalthina
My temple's Hand, Eridia, seems sad. She has been through much recently. While I do not think it is my place as an acolyte to console her, maybe you can?
And thank you, again. Klystere and I have been close for what feels like a lifetime, but I never imagined she felt the way I did about her. I will cherish her, and her presence in my life, for as long as we exist.
A long time ago, I worked my way up from aspirant to a disciple of Loyalty. For eons after I have served the Archon willingly as an overseer, and her voice when she is not present.
In all that time, Bastion never changed.
Kyrian had struggled with their path before, either sent to a temple for more training or sent to the Arbiter once again for a different afterlife. The Forsworn seemed nothing out of the ordinary at first, until their wings turned dark and their ranks grew.
You and your friends helped us see the error of our blind ways. What is more, you helped us regain our compassion, find our new Path.
I am ready now to help usher this new way in and to work together for a stronger, healthier Bastion.
When I first met you and Kleia in Redridge, I knew there was something different about you both. Kleia was not satisfied with the status quo. Her loyalty to the Archon and the Path guided her actions, but she always pushed for better.
With you by her side, she did not fall upon seeing Ben Howell's soul go to the Maw. She not only persevered, but helped pave the way for a more compassionate future. Her devotion shines, and will continue as Hand.
<Andira pushes into your hand, purring deeply as you rub her head.
She looks at you with attention before licking your entire face with one stroke.>
As aspirants, Artemede and I quickly formed a bond akin to siblings. It was clear destiny brought us together as soulbinds, always stronger when working together.
But in my times apart from my sister, Kynthia had captured my heart. We snuck off to watch the anima flow together, spending tender moments in each other's company.
When she disappeared from us, I feared the worst. Artemede reminded me to have faith in Kynthia and her strength. When I found her during our Maldraxxus mission, we sprinted to embrace before fighting side by side.
Arios Riftbearer
Wisdom is not simply knowing the right thing to do in every situation. It is a tool you use, yes, but it is also something you share, and something you take in kind.
Not only have you shown wisdom in your actions, Maw Walker, but you've shared your wisdom with so many--and Bastion has blossomed because of it.
I hope you have learned from us in turn, and I hope that you let Bastion's lessons guide you in the future.
I must thank you for everything you've done for the kyrian. Without your heroic efforts, Clora may never have ascended. She is proving herself to be an invaluable disciple, and much of that has to do with you. You have been a shining example not just for Clora, but all kyrian.
On that note... I expect to see you in the arena again soon!
You have learned much from the kyrian. In turn, they have learned much from you.
As you bested me on the Path of Ascension time and time again, I learned as well. May you remember these lessons as you travel your own path.
The Forgelite Prime holds great respect for you. I will endeavor to continue defending Bastion in your absence.
Maw Walker! Thank you for all you have done. If it were not for you, I may never have received my wings... and, of course, the Shadowlands may have fallen to a darkness from which it could never recover.
There is much to be done, to be sure, but I am confident that together with the other covenants, we will see to the end of this crisis--and be all the better for it.
My position as Hand of Purity is one of service. I guided aspirants through cleansing their past lives, letting go of the memories that clung to them.
That is in the past now.
I will posit that I understand the Forsworn more than ever. Lysonia's betrayal and descent into madness haunts me every day. My soulbind... I still see her when I turn, hear her voice calling my name.
In the past I might have cleansed this memory. Erased the burden from my mind. But Lysonia's presence is steeped in my most cherished memories. How could I forget her without losing a part of myself?
I could never choose to forget her. Though her memory pains me now, I must confront these feelings head on. I will work, as we all will, toward newfound strength.
<You see resolve in Hipokos's eyes as he brims with excitement. As you approach, he smiles before humming a tune of delight.>
The Forsworn have rejoined us, and a new Path is nigh. Adrestes and I will create a new temple, develop tenets that will guide our fellow kyrian to repair relationships, trust, and reframe their mindsets...
My friend... I am overwhelmed.
I spent so long, too long, as an aspirant due to the drought. Once we met, everything became a blur. We did what other kyrian, ascended and aspirant alike, have never done before. We fought paragons! We escaped the Maw, multiple times! We even established relationships with the other realms.
Am I truly worthy of becoming Hand? Do I know how to stop fighting, when I've been doing so for so long?
With our friends by my side, I must do the best I can. As long as we work together, we will succeed.
It's a momentous day for Bastion indeed! Amalthina and I are delighted to attend.
There are no words for how thankful I am for your aid. I attempted to ask Amalthina to be my soulbind many times, but my anxieties that she would say no always prevented me from doing Thank you for delivering my gift to her.
Fly, Grubby, fly! Feel the wind between your... mandibles!
We taking care of Grubby until he has wings. Now we are getting him used to feeling of flight!
My time in Maldraxxus started grim. I watched my fellow kyrian tortured. I witnessed Thales blinded. The House of Constructs kept me alive for purposes I never intend to know.
With each passing day I continued to break. I found some solace in talking to Thales and the stewards as we prayed our allies would show up. We almost gave up until you saved us, Maw Walker. We thank you eternally.
The House of the Chosen proved different. Accepting. Even after the white wings of our allies came to fight with us, after I was reunited with my love, I knew we had to stay and help those who took us in.
But now, as they are set upon their path once more, we have returned. And I am happy to be back.
Been working in Bastion for countless years. Have made countless improvements and innovations to protect Bastion and make everything run smoother! Alas, even the great Forgelite Prime can run out of ideas.
Korthia has been amazing! Meeting fellow craftspeople, collaborating together, working toward common goal. Constructed many incredible things, even healed gargoyles! Learned much, inspired to the brim.
I must keep collaborating! Hipokos is my new apprentice. With his experience in Maldraxxus and passion for the craft, he will create greatness... with my help of course.
Plus he is great listener. And I am great talker.
<Name>, my friend. Perhaps you and Andira can join us for some training!
Zosime and Kala have a strong bond, but their communication is lacking. I will teach Zosime to capture the behaviors that she wants Kala to perform, then connect those behaviors with words.
Lentios will teach Kala how to speak with Zosime as well, such as when she wants to stretch her wings and when she wants to play. These skills with help both of them form a strong relationship. One built on mutual respect.
Disciple Nikolon
I remember you there when I fell, Maw Walker.
It is not your fault, nor Uther's fault, nor even Eridia's fault. In fact, it was not my fault, either.
One path cannot suffice for eternity. Too often do beings act in specific ways because it is tradition--or how it has always been done--instead of investigating the reason why their predecessors started functioning this way to begin with.
I acted how I thought was just. Imagine my horror as I saw the truth, witnessed my fellows twisted into Mawsworn. You helped me save everybody we could, but when we arrived here it seemed nothing had yet changed.
Thank you for all you, and your friends, have done. The work is hardly over, but I will help all I can as a disciple of Devotion.
Through Wisdom's guiding hand I spent my time as an aspirant focused on my studies. I preferred lectures and reading to personal connection.
Then I met Achillon. His warmth guided me through my fears and anxieties, helped strengthen my resolve for my trials. I helped him learn to breathe, to collect himself and his impulses before taking action.
But in the end he rushed in, taking my confidence and hope with him. I saw him, the most loyal of us, fall before my eyes. I came out the other side bereft of hope or joy.
I thought he was lost to me. I intended to cleanse him from my mind, but it felt unfair to him. Now seeing him once again, as an ally... I do not know how I feel, or what will happen. But I can navigate this. I must.
Honestly, I am not sure how I became so closely involved in such momentous events. I am just an aspirant! I still struggle constantly with my cleansings and trials--I am nowhere near ascension.
I offered Kleia support long after her first soulbind ascended and she lost all contact with her. We grew closer, becoming soulbinds ourselves, able to face whatever challenge together! Who could have predicted what we would face, and the impact we'd leave?
It has been my greatest honor, <name>.
Gossip What is next for you?
I am so incredibly proud of my soulbind, soaring through the ranks to aid Adrestes in ushering in a new era for the kyrian. If anybody embodies devotion to a cause, it is her.
For now I will help where needed. I will be one of the first to devote myself to this new temple, to become an acolyte of Devotion. Perhaps, along with Nikolon, I can help facilitate conversation between the Forsworn and kyrian so that we can fully unite together.
I feel as though my story is far from over, and I look forward to wherever my path guides me.
Pelodis (accompanied by Gatamatos)
Nemea has always been the outgoing one of us, forming relationships with larion and kyrian alike. Even now she trains an aspirant in larion handling. She can't even stop to enjoy the party... though I suppose she is enjoying it in her own way.
Centurions have always been my specialty. We understand each other. When something goes wrong with a phalynx, I know exactly how to fix it. Interaction with my peers is straightforward. The social niceties are unnecessary. Instead, we get to the point discussing improvements and challenges in our work with centurions.
I can't say that I am not somewhat jealous of my soulbind and the grace she holds. But our rivalry makes us both stronger, and pushes us out of our comfort zones to improve.
Words cannot begin to describe the joy of being ascended at last. The kyrian are beginning to heal--and the Forsworn as well.
While some may not find their actions easy to forget, I think we all have it in our hearts to forgive.
Sika love work. Organizing, scheduling, tracking resources, keeping everything running good!
Friends say "Sika too busy", but Sika always say it's okay! Sika love it!
But now Sika understand. Friends send Sika to Revendreth, for party! Maldraxxi friend in Korthia says breaks important.
In past, maybe too controlling. Sika learning to delegate! Let friends help. Teach other stewards to be like Sika! Then we all take breaks. More to life than work!
<Stanikos looks at you wide eyed. You notice him vibrating with excitement and fear.>
I... th-thank you. You do good. You are my hero.
Forgelite Sophone
My forge has been nothing but bustling! The push into Korthia has provided us with more than enough work to do, helping to equip kyrian for the efforts there.
Next we must prepare for the return of the forsworn aspirants, as well as forging whatever may be necessary for any new trials for the Path.
Of course, with more work comes more chaos. I've got stewards and aspirants alike contributing to the cause however they can. Perhaps one day, new aspirants will start flooding in once more... but for now we have plenty on our hands.
Aspirant Thales
Maw Walker, I thank you. If it hadn't been for you, I might never have made it out of Maldraxxus.
I have suffered, it is true, but I have not given up. That was in part because of your example. You would not leave any of us behind, and your steadfast determination fueled my own.
Although he cannot say it, I know Hipokos feels the same way. We've bonded, he and I. I suspect he will continue to be my eyes, and I will be his voice.
Ah, the mortal of the hour! Were it not for you, we would still be aspirants.
I will never forget what you've done for us, Maw Walker. Thank you.
When I arrived in Bastion, all I could think of was what had been done to me. I let bitterness, pain, and vengeance consume me, and I did the unforgivable. I see now how wrong I was, and I wish my actions could be undone. Alas, I must live with the consequences of my actions. Worse than that, Arthas must live with them as well.
I do not know if I can ever forgive myself for that.
But the kyrian are forgiving, and the Forsworn are willing to put their differences aside. The rift between them is on the mend, and this newfound unity will bring a new era. You started me down the path of healing as well, and I must follow it to its end, however painful it might be.
You helped me find the Light again, and for that I am forever grateful.
I am truly humbled that you would freely give so much of your time and aid to us, Maw Walker. To see such dedication from a kyrian is expected, but a mortal? You honor us all.
I love my Kala so dearly, and cherish her presence in my life. She has provided me joy with her playful charm, and comfort when working through a difficult memory.
However, it is impossible to get her to listen to me! Nemea is going to help us build our relationship and become even closer.


  1. N [60] A Paladin's Soul
  2. N [60] Wounded Memories
  3. N [60] Step Into the Light
  4. N [60] He Was My Student
  5. N [60] I Intend to Live Forever
  6. N [60] Blind Loyalty
  7. N [60] Compassion in Devotion
  8. N [60] Directing Dedication, N [60] Rebuilding Faith, N [60] Reclaimable Anima
  9. N [60] The Vesper Rings
  10. N [60] A Triumphant Return
  11. N [60] The Grand Reception (Kyrian only)
  12. N [60] The New Path
  13. N [60] New Sigil of the Kyrian

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