The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race
The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race.png
Launched October 13, 2017
Maintained by Blizzard Entertainment & Tespa
Status Active

The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race is a esports event that started on November 7, 2017, with a six-week crusade of  [Mythic Keystone] dungeon races. The teams competed for a share of $20,000 in scholarship prizing.

Official description

Calling all adventurers! The war against the Legion has begun, and now is the perfect time for collegiate gamers to join the fray. Tespa is excited to announce The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race![1]


  • Registrations Close — November 6
  • Phase 1: Preliminary Rounds — November 8-10, November 12-14, & November 16-18
  • Phase 2: Playoffs — November 19-20, November 26-27 (if needed)
  • Phase 3: Semifinals & Grand Finals — December 4


$20,000 in scholarship prizing was by the strongest collegiate Dungeon Race teams at the Grand Finals in December. Here’s the breakdown of the prize pool per team:

  • First Place: $2,000 per Player
  • Second Place: $1,000 per Player
  • Third & Fourth Place: $500 per Player

This was a new kick off of a new era of World of Warcraft competition, and Blizzard Entertainment can’t wait to see students from across North America banding together against the Legion!