The Guardian's Sanctum

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The Guardian's Sanctum, also known as the Guardian Sanctum,[1] is an area of the Tomb of Sargeras originally built by the renegade Guardian Aegwynn around 600 BDP. After the Tirisgarde discovered Aegwynn's previous stronghold — the tower of Karazhan — and reported its location back to the Council of Tirisfal, she magically sealed off the tower and set out to locate a new refuge hidden from both the Tirisgarde and the council. After much consideration, she decided to build the Guardian Sanctum in the sunken ruins of Suramar, where it would remain hidden from the Tirisgarde for centuries.[1] Aegwynn remained safe in her sanctum for hundreds of years and only rarely emerged to walk the outside world, until around 45 BDP, when she encountered the Tirisgarde member Nielas Aran.[2]

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This room is a titan facility that the Temple of Elune was built over. The Maiden of Vigilance and the Eonic Defenders defend this place, though the Maiden has been twisted by the fel into destroying any in her path.[3] The Sanctum is directly below the Conclave of Torment, and unlocks when the first four Pillars of Creation have been placed throughout the Tomb. The elevator to the Chamber of the Avatar contains a magical field called "Aegwynn's Ward". On the way down to the titan area with the vault door that contains the Avatar of Sargeras, a lava pit with lava worms, a dragon skeleton, and a fel lava pit can be seen.