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The Harpy Problem

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AllianceThe Harpy Problem
Start Automatic
End Automatic
Level 6 (Requires 6)
Category Exile's Reach
Experience 440
Rewards 65c
Next A [6] The Rescue of Meredy Huntswell
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [6] The Harpy Problem.


Meet with Henry Garrick near the Harpy's Roost.


Thanks for saving me, <name>. I'm going to do my best to help solve this situation.

We need to find the remaining survivors of my expedition before the ogres sacrifice them for their dark ritual!

I know to the north is a den of harpies. My guess is that one of the survivors could be there.

Kee-La and I will meet you up there with a scouting report.


You will receive:








  1. A [1] Warming Up
  2. A [1] Stand Your Ground
  3. A [1] Brace for Impact
  4. A [1] Murloc Mania
  5. A [1] Emergency First Aid
  6. A [1] Finding the Lost Expedition
  7. A [1] Cooking Meat
  8. Classes besides hunter: A [1] Enhanced Combat Tactics or A [1] Enhanced Combat Tactics
  9. A [1] Northbound
  10. Hunter: A [1] Taming the Wilds
  11. A [1] Down with the Quilboar & A [1] Forbidden Quilboar Necromancy
  12. A [1] The Scout-o-Matic 5000
  13. A [1] Re-sizing the Situation
  14. A [1] Ride of the Scientifically Enhanced Boar
  15. A [1] Stocking Up on Supplies
  16. Complete the following:
    1. A [6] The Harpy Problem
    2. A [6] Harpy Culling & A [6] Purge the Totems & A [6] The Rescue of Meredy Huntswell
    3. A [6] Message to Base
    1. A [6] Westward Bound
    2. A [6] Who Lurks in the Pit
  17. A [7] To Darkmaul Citadel
  18. A [7] Right Beneath Their Eyes
  19. A [7] Controlling their Stones & A [7] Catapult Destruction & A [7] Like Ogres to the Slaughter
  20. A [7] Dungeon: Darkmaul Citadel
  21. A [7] An End to Beginnings

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