The Harvester

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HordeThe Harvester
Start  [Harvester's Head]
End Jorn Skyseer
Level 24 (Requires 20)
Category Barrens
Experience 2400 EXP (or 14s 40c at level 70)


Bring the  [Harvester's Head] to Jorn Skyseer.


This strange, insect-like creature looks outside of the natural order, as though it does not belong in the Barrens.


You will gain:


You seemed troubled, <name>.  How go your lessons in the Barrens?  Did you find something that disturbs you?


I can tell nothing of the nature of this beast, for its spirit has fled.  But as you guessed, it does not belong in the Barrens.  I fear it may herald a grim future for our people...

But for now, prepare yourself, and let us hope that time unravels the mystery of this creature.

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