AllianceThe Hidden Key
Start Bookie Herod's Records
End Bookie Herod's Strongbox
Level 37 (Requires 30)
Category Stranglethorn Vale
Experience 1850
Rewards  [Bookmaker's Scepter]
Previous Bookie Herod
Next A [37] The Spy Revealed!


Use the  [Small Brass Key] to open Bookie Herod's Strongbox.


Although no mention of Private Thorsen is found in these records, hidden within the binding of one of Herod's ledger books is a small, brass key.

And after further study of his notes, a few references to a "secure strongbox" are contained among various papers. The box is somewhere within the Stockpile - the cavern complex at the back of Kurzen's Compound.

If this secure strongbox is found, and the small brass key can open it, then perhaps the mystery behind Thorsen's detection will be revealed.


You will receive:
Inv mace 01.png [Bookmaker's Scepter]


The strongbox is bound in bronze, very sturdy, and very heavy.


Opening the strongbox, it's clear that this is where Herod keeps his more valuable coins and items.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


You've saved Thorsen from ambush. You've located the Bookies office and searched through his papers. The trail is still fresh, and you are about to discover how hot things can get. You must travel deep within the Stockpile, a dark and dangerous cave at the back of Kurzen's Compound. The enemy here is numerous, and will attack the unwary with little warning. Their hatred of the Alliance is complete. Because of the number of these Kurzen scum, and their preference to attack in swarms, you might want to bring some friends with you if you plan to venture into the cave.

For those adventurers on their way to deal with Colonel Kurzen himself, you will pass right by the box you seek. After you turn to go up the ramp, you will find a location where the cavern opens up a bit. There will be a ledge on the right covered with many boxes and crates, as the path curves down and slightly to the left. There are many of the enemy here, and they do not stay defeated long, so you need to fight fast. This is why a group of friends may be helpful. You are looking for a small box, located near the far end of the line of crates. It is easy to miss, unless you are looking for it from the side closest to the path. You will use the Small Brass Key you found in Bookie Herod's Records, and the box should open right up. The key will be consumed by this process.

Be sure you have room in your bags for two items. You will receive a nice mace as reward for finding the box; and also a Muddy Note, which will lead you further in your search for the traitor.

There are reports that characters with stealth capability (Rogues and Druids in Prowl) can sneak their way in to the box, and complete this quest very quickly before too many of the Kurzen scum notice you are there. Other abilities like Distract and Sap can also help. Good luck if you choose to try this. Having friends around for this part of the quest chain will prove helpful to those without the ability to sneak around.


  1. A [33] Jungle Secrets
  2. A [35] Bookie Herod
  3. A [37] The Hidden Key
  4. A [37] The Spy Revealed!
  5. A [37] Patrol Schedules
  6. A [37] Report to Doren

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