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NeutralThe Hound-Master
Start Evergrove Druid
End Wildlord Antelarion
Level 20-30
Category Blade's Edge Mountains
Experience 17500 (or 10g 70s at 77)
Reputation +500 Cenarion Expedition
Rewards Inv jewelry necklace 32 [Natasha's Arcane Filament]
or Inv jewelry necklace 36 [Natasha's Battle Chain]
or Inv jewelry necklace 34 [Natasha's Choker]
or Inv jewelry necklace 35 [Natasha's Ember Necklace]
or Inv jewelry necklace 31 [Natasha's Guardian Cord]
or Inv jewelry necklace 33 [Natasha's Pack Collar]
11g 70s
Previous N [20-30] Fire At Will!

Enough with the minions, already. Time to get the guy keeping the portal functioning.

This quest is part of the Burning Legion of Blade's Edge quest chain.


The Neutral Evergrove Druid has has told you that the final thing you must do is to slay Baelmon the Hound-Master. Afterward, return to Evergrove in the Blade's Edge Mountains, and inform Neutral Wildlord Antelarion of your success.


Baelmon the Hound-Master must die! He maintains the ritual that keeps the portal functioning.

The Death's Door portal is located at the north end of the canyon. When you find it, you will find Baelmon.

You're going to need help on this one, so take this wand. When you battle the Hound-Master, use it and a couple of my friends will come to your aid.

After you have defeated Baelmon, return to Wildlord Antelarion.

And, <name>, thank you for all that you've gone through for us here.


It is over then? Has the danger at Death's Door been averted?


You are truly an amazing <race>! If I thought that we were indebted to you before, then now there is simply no way in which we could ever repay you.

But we'll give it a try. Thank you, hero of Evergrove!


Your choice of
Inv jewelry necklace 32 [Natasha's Arcane Filament] Inv jewelry necklace 36 [Natasha's Battle Chain]
Inv jewelry necklace 34 [Natasha's Choker]


You have an Evergrove wand, which summons Evergrove Ancients to help with the fight.

Caution: Do not destroy the Evergrove Wand. It is required to turn the quest in. You can only get another one if you abandon the quest. This will allow you to gain another Spell fire flare [Druid Signal] from Wildlord Antelarion which will in turn allow you to summon another Evergrove Druid in Death's Door and reobtain the quest.

Discarding this quest also destroys the Spell fire flare [Druid Signal] object. Without the Druid Signal, you cannot summon the Evergrove Druid, and thus cannot retake the quest. You can return to the Wildlord at Evergrove and ask for a new signal, then return to Death's Door, summon the Evergrove Druid, and get the quest back.


  1. N [20-30] Damaged Mask
  2. N [20-30] Mystery Mask
  3. N [20-30] Felsworn Gas Mask
  4. N [20-30] Deceive thy Enemy
  5. N [20-30] You're Fired!
  6. N [20-30G] Death's Door
  7. N [20-30G] Harvesting the Fel Ammunition
  8. N [20-30] Fire At Will!
  9. N [20-30] The Hound-Master

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