NeutralThe House of Plagues
Start Baroness Draka [50.3, 67.7]
End Plague Deviser Marileth [56.5, 57.3]
Level 53 (Requires 53)
Category Maldraxxus
Experience 910
Rewards 2g 43s 35c
Previous N [52] The Seat of the Primus
Next N [53] Bug Bites, N [53] Spores Galore


Search for survivors near the House of Plagues.


The House of Plagues was the first to fall in this conflict. We believed its demise was the result of a careless accident. If only we had known the truth sooner...

But perhaps not all their knowledge was lost. Before you arrived, our scouts reported signs of movement near the wreckage of their necropolis.

If any survivors remain, we'd be wise to add them to our ranks. But approach with caution. The toxic fallout may have left them mad... or worse.


You will receive:

  • 2g 43s 35c
  • 910 XP


My apprentice! I have been searching everywhere for you!


On accept of all three of N [52] A Common Peril, N [53] The House of Plagues, and N [53] Baron of the Chosen:

Baroness Draka says: Vyraz is brash, but he's right. We need reinforcements.

The Blighted Scar is to the northeast. Approach Plague Deviser Marileth:

Plague Deviser Marileth says: There you are, my apprentice! We have much to do!

On complete:

Plague Deviser Marileth says: Your return is timely, apprentice. Margrave Stradama awaits our completed potion!


  1. N [53] The House of Plagues
  2. N [53] Bug Bites and N [53] Spores Galore
  3. N [53] Slime, Anyone?
  4. N [53] Hazardous Waste Collection, N [53] Plague is Thicker Than Water, and N [53] Applied Science
  5. N [53] By Any Other Name
    • Optional weekly unlocks:
    1. N [53] A Plague on Your House
    2. N [53W] Pool of Potions
    3. N [53W] Callous Concoctions
  6. N [53] Fit For a Margrave
  7. N [53] Fathomless Power

Beta version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.
Plague Deviser Marileth says: Apprentice, there you are! I've been looking everywhere for you!
You are my brightest, most devoted student. I would not easily forget such a talent!
On completion
Plague Deviser Marileth says: I was wondering where you'd run off to, apprentice. We need to complete our potion!
Plague Deviser Marileth says: Margrave Stradama awaits our work. I'm sure we can impress her!

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