The Hunt is On

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AllianceThe Hunt is On
Start Vindicator Yaala
End Vindicator Yaala
Level 71
Category Borean Tundra
Experience 20100
Reputation +250 Valiance Expedition
Rewards  [Transborean Leggings] or  [Marshwalker Pauldrons] or  [Tundrastrider Ringmail] or  [Mightstone Helm]
Previous A [71] Further Investigation


Vindicator Yaala wants you to use the [Righteous Vision] in three different locations in Valiance Keep to uncover and defeat Cult of the Damned members.


I've made it my business to learn as much as possible about the vile death cult, including their secret language.

Vurenn was right. The cultists mention disguised operatives in Valiance Keep: the lower docks, the jail inside the inner hold and in the inn's kitchen.

Take the oculus. Use it at those three locations — anyone that has recently used the cult's necromancy will be enshrouded by a dark aura. Take care of the cultists before something nefarious happens.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv pants cloth 18.png [Transborean Leggings] Inv shoulder 73.png [Marshwalker Pauldrons]
Inv chest chain 11.png [Tundrastrider Ringmail] Inv helmet 123.png [Mightstone Helm]


Have you accomplished the task I asked of you, <name>?


You've done well, <name>. However, I can't shake the feeling that this is not the last we've seen of those death cultists.

Darkness has a way of hiding even in plain sight.


"Salty" John Thorpe is in the kitchen, Tom Hegger is on the dock, and Guard Mitchells is in the jail. Mitchells has two or three guards standing next to him, you might want to pull him away from them, if they kill him it won't count (as usual).

Speaking with Thorpe
Gossip I have reason to believe you're involved in cultist activity.
I suppose this is it, then? I won't go down quietly!


  1. A [71] A Soldier in Need
  2. A [71] Cultists Among Us
  3. A [71] Notify Arlos
  4. A [71] Enemies of the Light
  5. A [71] Further Investigation
  6. A [71] The Hunt is On

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