The Hunter's Path (Orc and Troll)

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HordeThe Hunter's Path
End Thotar
Level 10 (Requires 10)
Category Hunter
Experience 85
Next H Hunter [10] Taming the Beast

The Hunter's Path (Orc and Troll) is the starter quest for the Orc and Troll Hunter quest chain to get pet skills. It is acquired from class trainers.


Speak with Thotar at Razor Hill.


Hello, young hunter. You look to me like you are skilled enough to handle a beast and train it as your companion.

You must see Thotar at Razor Hill. He can put you on the path to earning a pet of your own.


Yes, it is time for you to begin your training.


85 Experience


  1. H Hunter [10] The Hunter's Path
  2. H Hunter [10] Taming the Beast
  3. H Hunter [10] Taming the Beast
  4. H Hunter [10] Taming the Beast
  5. H Hunter [10] Training the Beast

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