NeutralThe Hunter of Heroes
Start Odyn
End Odyn
Level 10-45
Type Legendary
Category Artifact
Experience 18,850
Rewards  [Odyn's Fury]
 [Helya's Wrath]
30g 80s
Previous N Warrior [10-45] Weapons of Legend
Next N Warrior [10-45] The Eye of Odyn


Deal with Vigfus Bladewind's warband and claim his blades.

  • Speak with Aurylia to go to Tideskorn Harbor
  • Deal with Vigfus Bladewind and his warband
  • Use Skyjump to return to the Halls of Valor


Helya has made a mockery of my order by creating her own "helarjar", powerful undead tasked with hunting down heroic warriors and taking their souls before my val'kyr can claim them. Among them is her personal champion, Vigfus Bladewind, who wields stolen blades I forged myself long ago.

He has returned to Tideskorn Harbor with a full cargo of stolen souls to take to Helheim. Go there, kill him and his helarjar, and make the swords yours.


You will receive: 30g 80s
Inv sword 1h artifactvigfus d 01.png [Odyn's Fury] Inv sword 1h artifactvigfus d 01.png [Helya's Wrath]


Ah, you have returned...


Curse Helya, she corrupted the blades! Still, her champion defeated, her helarjar skulking back to Helheim, and my weapons in the hands of my chose champion! She even made them more powerful than before. Wield them well, <name>, smite the enemies of this world!



stage 1: Into the Mist

The village is shrouded in mists. light the fire to clear it & provoke the Helarjar.

  • Light the bonfire

Aspiring Helarjar Yells: Captain Bladewind! A Warrior is attacking us!

Vigfus Bladewind yells: One? Kill the fool and keep the cargo safe! Don't wake me up again!

Aspiring Helarjar says: The battlefield of dishonor lies ahead...

Stage 2: Village of the Damned

The Kvaldir are enraged at the loss of the mists. Survive the assault until the commanding Helarjar arrives, then kill him.

  • Defeat the waves of enemies (3)
  • Kill the leader of the attackers

Veteran Harpooner says: They will make me Helarjar for this!

Veteran Harpooner says: No, the torment...

Aspiring Helarjar yells: Enough trifling with fodder! I will harvest your soul myself!

Aspiring Helarjar says: I see only torment....

Stage 3: Deeper into the Fog

Vigfus and his souls are below. Kill the mystics defending the path down and reach the docks.

  • Kill the mystics and reach the docks (2)

Necromantic Mystic yells: You'll not get below! The very dead will rise to stop you!

Necromantic Mystic yells: Protect the cargo! Protect...the souls...

Stage 4: The Stolen Souls

Vigfus continues to ignore your presence. Free his cargo of souls to draw him out.

  • Destroy the Prison Runestones (4)

Veteran Enforcer says: They will make me Helarjar for this!

Veteran Enforcer says: You won't make it out of here alive!

Veteran Enforcer says: I'll see you in Hellheim...

Vigfus Bladewind yells: What are you idots doing? Well now....what is this i sense? A soul that radiates great power!

Stage 5: Vigfus Himself

The Bladewind has made his appearance. Slay him!

  • Defeat Vigfus Bladewind


Vigfus Bladewind says: I will take you to Hellheim myself, "Hero" of Azeroth!


Vigfus Bladewind says: Then come meet death, hero!


Vigfus Bladewind yells: Helya's gift have made me strong! In my hands, these blade has slain thousands!

Vigfus Bladewind yells: I am The Champion of Helarjar! Die and accept your fate!

after reaching 60% health, Vigfus Bladewind stuns the adventurer and flee.

Vigfus Bladewind yells: This prey has quite a bite! Follow....if you dare!

Stage 6: On The Trail

The Bladewind is escaping to the Shallows. Find and kill him

  • Chase and kill Vigfus

When the adventurer catches up to Vigfus, he immediately stuns them and flee again

Vigfus Bladewind yells: A little farther before we fight, Hero! I have a suprise for you...

The second time the adventurer catches up, Vigfus is praying, summoning Specter of Helya.

Vigfus Bladewind yells: Helya! Aid your champion! I will claim this prize in your name!

Specter of Helya yells: So this is The Champion of Odyn! Let them die by Odyn's own blades! I bless this weapons with The Fury of Hellheim! Go,Vigfus! Slay this champion and earn my favor for all Eternity!

Vigfus Bladewind is now capable to summon tentacles & a cone of tidal waves.

30% Health

Vigfus Bladewind yells: No! I'll not fall to Odyn's lapdog! I will destroy you!

10% Health

Vigfus Bladewind yells:! Helya, give me more power!


Vigfus Bladewind says: I see only darkness,! No!

Final Stage: The Warswords

The Warswords of The Bladewind are yours. Take them

  • Take the Warswords of the Valarjar

Scepter of Helya says: Vigfus, you weak fool! Your torment will be unending!

Scepter of Helya says: I grew weary of your presence! Tell Odyn that this changes nothing. He will suffer my wrath for ages to come!


Patch changes

  • Legion Hotfix (2016-09-02): Warriors who enter the scenario for "The Hunter of Heroes" will now properly advance the quest if they walk into Tideskorn rather than take Aerylia's ride.
  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Added.

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