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The Hunter of Shadows
Location Ashenvale (near Warsong Gulch)

Warsong clan victory

  Warsong Clan

Night Elf Sentinels

Commanders and leaders

Warsong Clan


Night Elf Sentinels

Casualties and losses

Warsong Clan

  • Heavy

Night Elf Sentinels

  • Very heavy

The Blood of Mannoroth

The Spirits of Ashenvale
Next Where Wyverns Dare
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Loading screen[]

The next morning, in the shadowed woods of Ashenvale...


The Hunter of Shadows Map


Main Quests[]

Availablequest BTNOrbOfFire The Chaos Well[]

  • Discover the source of power
  • Destroy the Satyrs guarding the pool

The Troll Witch Doctors have felt the presence of a mysterious power emanating from the nearby forest. If this volatile energy can be harnessed, it may provide a way to destroy Cenarius and his band of warrior women.

Availablequest BTNKeeperOfTheGrove Cenarius[]

  • Slay Cenarius

The so-called demigod, Cenarius, has destroyed most of the lumber stores that you had so painstakingly accumulated. You must find a way to slay the demigod in order to continue the operation and construct Thrall's new settlement.



Warsong forces continue cutting down the forests of Ashenvale. Cenarius looks out over the land from atop a hill.
IconSmall Cenarius Cenarius: Who dares defile this ancient land? Who dares the wrath of Cenarius and the night elves?
Cenarius casts a spell, transforming many of the trees into treants that attack the orcs.
IconSmall Orc Male Warsong Orc: The forest is coming alive! We're under attack!
IconSmall Cenarius Cenarius: Let battle be joined!

During the Mission[]

IconSmall Orc Male Warsong Orc: Their numbers are too great! We must fall back to the other side of the river!
Cenarius casts a spell, immediately regrowing the dozens of trees felled by the Warsong.
IconSmall Cenarius Cenarius: Now, my warriors, cleanse these brutes from the wilds! I will watch over you from the forest.
  • IconSmall Cenarius Cenarius: You cannot defeat me, I am the heart of the land!
  • IconSmall Cenarius Cenarius: I defeated your kind in ages past and I shall do so again!
  • IconSmall Cenarius Cenarius: Demon Spawned Wretches, you will all die!
IconSmall Troll Male Witch Doctor: Hellscream, I sense a dark power emanating from the wilderness! It might be the key to destroying Cenarius!
IconSmall Troll Male Witch Doctor: That be it, mon! The dark energies that I sense come from the pool!
IconSmall Satyr Satyr: Foul orcs! The burning masters charged us with protecting this well. You are unworthy of drinking from these dark waters!
IconSmall Grom Grom Hellscream: I don't know what you are or who you serve, but no one bars my way!
IconSmall Troll Male Witch Doctor: The pool emanates great power, but I smell the stench of a demon curse about it!
IconSmall Grom Grom Hellscream: I am cursed already! If I must drink from these waters to defeat Cenarius, then I will.
Grom steps up to the edge of the tainted pool. A Grunt runs up to him.
IconSmall Orc Male Warsong Orc: No! That goes against everything the warchief teaches us! We can't let rage overcome us again!
IconSmall Grom Grom Hellscream: No, warrior. We must embrace it as never before! We must become the vessels of destruction that we were meant to be!
Grom drinks from the pool, causing him to grow in size and turn red...
IconSmall GromRed Grom Hellscream: Yes! I feel the power once again! Come, my warriors! Drink from the dark waters and you will be reborn!
IconSmall ChaosOrc Male Warsong Orc: Chieftain, these creatures press us hard! And their demigod still lurks in the forest! How can we possibly defeat him?
IconSmall GromRed Grom Hellscream: Weak-minded coward! Nothing is invincible! If we are to live, then this Cenarius must die!
IconSmall Cenarius Cenarius: The demons did their job well. You creatures are as reckless and bloodthirsty as they ever were!
IconSmall GromRed Grom Hellscream: We orcs are free, demigod!
IconSmall Cenarius Cenarius: Is that what you tell yourself? Despite what you may believe, you are no better than the malignant bile that flows through your veins.
IconSmall GromRed Grom Hellscream: Damn you! RAGH!
IconSmall GromRed Grom Hellscream: The Demigod has fallen, the Warsong is supreme!


While Grom and his warriors run through the forest, they are suddenly met by Mannoroth.
IconSmall PitLord Mannoroth: Hello again, Grommash.
IconSmall GromRed Grom Hellscream: Mannoroth! It... can't be.
IconSmall PitLord Mannoroth: I've come to bring you and your brethren back into the fold. Though you orcs failed the Burning Legion before, you will now serve us once again!
IconSmall GromRed Grom Hellscream: No! We... are free!
IconSmall PitLord Mannoroth: Stupid, pitiful creature. I am the rage in your heart. I am the fury of your thoughts. I alone empowered you to bring chaos to this world, and by the endless void, you shall!

The battle[]

Following the Warsong clan's initiation of their logging operations in southern Ashenvale, the Night Elf Sentinels launched a massive counterattack to drive the Orcs out. The Warsong clan had even attracted the attention of the ancient, reclusive demigod, Cenarius, who personally took command of the Night Elf forces moving against them. Cenarius wiped out all of the Orcs' outposts before sending his forces against Hellscream's main base. After barely managing to repel several savage attacks by the Sentinels, defeat for the Orcs seemed imminent. The Shamans and Witch Doctors under Hellscream's command then sensed a powerful energy emanating from the woods, which turned out to be a well fouled with the Blood of Mannoroth. After defeating the satyrs guarding the befouled well, Hellscream, despite everything Thrall had taught him, gave himself over to the demonic corruption. The Warsong Clan drank the blood and became Chaos orcs imbued with a bloodlust and demonic powers. With these new powers, the Orcs easily overcame the Sentinels and slew Cenarius, forcing the Night Elves to retreat back into the depths of the forests.

Hellscream's sense of victory was short-lived, however. Mannoroth appeared before him and declared that the Orcs would serve the Burning Legion once again, despite Hellscream's feeble protests that they were "free".


Warsong Clan
Night Elf Sentinels


  • There are two mushroom fairy rings on the map. If Grom steps inside them, he is rewarded with a Pendant of Mana and some Boots of Quel'thalas +6. However, one of the triggers is a copy of the other and is erroneously set to spawn the item all the way into the other fairy ring.
  • One of the bases built by the Warsong Clan to gather wood across the river may be represented by Splintertree Post in World of Warcraft.
WC3Reforged-icon This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reforged.
  • In Reforged, a new main quest was added.
    • River Run - The demigod Cenarius has come to destroy your forces. The outposts west of the river are lost. Order your troops to your main base east of the river. You must hold the ground there at all costs.
  • The name of the quest "The Chaos Well" changed to "The Fel Well".
  • The name of the Chaos Well changed to Fel Well.
  • All instances of "Chaos Orcs" changed to "Fel Orcs".