The Huntsman's Creed

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NeutralThe Huntsman's Creed
Start Image of Mimiron [37.5, 46.5]
End Grif Wildheart [33.6, 58.5]
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Type Legendary
Category Artifact
Experience 17,850
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous N Hunter [120] Telemetry Online
Next N Hunter [120] Paid in Blood


Absorb Hati's essence into the Thunderspark at the Temple of Storms.


Through the glorious wonder of science, I have managed to keep the Thunderspark powered precisely for this purpose.

All you need to do is get to the Temple of Storms and absorb Hati's essence into it. Just... kind of point it in his general direction.

Oh, and do keep in mind that this is only one part of Hati. You may run into a few... technical difficulties before he's subdued enough for the absorption protocol.


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


One down, one tae go!


Essence of Hati
Absorb Hati's essence in order to save his life!
Quest accept
Image of Mimiron says: It seems Hati's essence has gathered at locations where he performed great sacrifices in life. Get to the Temple of Storms right away!
Temple of Storms
An Essence of Hati is seen going at the dead bodies of Thunderous Proto-Drakes and a Raging Stormrider. Thorim has been incapacitated by Spell shaman staticshock.png Thundering Howl.
Grif Thunderheart
Careful, <lad/lass>! Somethin' ain't right.
Gossip I'm ready.
Grif Wildheart says: Hati! Come 'ere, boy!
Hati begins approaching.
Grif Wildheart says: Hah! He remembers us!
Grif Wildheart says: No... somethin's wrong. What is it, boy?
The essence of Hati becomes hostile. Grif disengages and assists the hunter adventurer.
Grif Wildheart says: I know yer in there, Hati. We're here tae help ye!
Grif Wildheart says: I think we're breakin' through! Keep it up, <name>!
Hati's essence recognizes you and becomes confused!
Grif Wildheart says: That's it! Use the Thunderspark tae absorb Hati's essence!
Hati's essence absorbed
Thorim says: I AM FREE!
Thorim says: Ah, Bronzebeard and <name>! It is good to see you once more!
Grif Wildheart says: For the love o'... aye, 'tis good to see ye again as well, Thorim.
Grif Wildheart says: The rest of Hati's essence is in Silithus. If we can capture it, Mimiron thinks we can reform him!
Thorim says: Restore Hati? Why did you not say so before?! I will join you in Silithus at once!
Thorim immediately leaves in a flash of lightning.
Grif Wildheart says: I suppose we'll just figure out the plan later. Let's get movin'!


  1. N Hunter [120] Spark of Genius
  2. N Hunter [120] Telemetry Online
  3. N Hunter [120] The Huntsman's Creed
  4. N Hunter [120] Paid in Blood
  5. N Hunter [120] Spark of Imagination
  6. N Hunter [120] Bonds of Thunder
  7. N Hunter [120] Homeward Bound
  8. N Hunter [120] Reverberation

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