The Ink Flows

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NeutralThe Ink Flows
Start Professor Pallin
End Raethan
Level 106 (Requires 106)
Category Inscription
Experience 15,900
Rewards 17g 80s
Next N Inscription [106] Once a Scribe Like You


Deliver the contracts to Raethan in the Underbelly.

  • Deliver Contracts


<Name>, I need you to make a quick delivery for me.

Yes, I've learned by now that such trivial tasks are beneath your skills... but I'm rather busy right now and we both know my time is much more important than yours.

Deliver these contracts to Raethan, the Guard Captain in Dalaran's Underbelly.


You will receive: 17g 80s


These all seem to be in order.

If you have a moment, scribe, I have a proposition for you that you may be interested in...



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