The Innkeeper's Daughter.

You sometimes can see The Innkeeper's Daughter after using the stone to hearth.

The Innkeeper's Daughter is a rare archaeology artifact that requires 150 skill to find and 150 Dwarf Archaeology Fragments to solve. Up to three  [Dwarf Rune Stone] keystones may be used to complete it.


This item functions as a  [Hearthstone], and shares its cooldown.  [Ruby Slippers] and  [Ethereal Portal] also obey the shared cooldown. ( [The Last Relic of Argus] does not share this cooldown, nor does a  [Scroll of Recall].)

After being used, players will occasionally be followed for a short time by the spirit of the Innkeeper's Daughter. This occurs for both Alliance and Horde.



This small stone resembles a Hearthstone. It is warm to the touch and makes very faint giggling noises at inopportune moments.


According to legend, Bryher Stonekeeper ran a prosperous tavern near Loch Modan. His daughter, Keelin, traveled far from home, eventually developing the kind of reputation that embarrassed her father. Bryher made a deal with a gnome warlock to keep his daughter close to home. The warlock turned Keelin into a hearthstone, so that she would always return to the inn.


Apart from the spirit that sometimes follows you, this item functions like a  [Hearthstone] in almost every way:

  • Both items have a 10-second cast time and can be used in combat.
  • Both items share a cooldown.
  • Both items bind you to the same location. You cannot set different inns.
  • Both items have their cooldown reduced by the guild perk, [Hasty Hearth].

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