The Interest of Bruto

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HordeThe Interest of Bruto
Start Bruto [42.8, 62.9]
End Bruto [42.8, 62.9]
Level 92 (Requires 92)
Category Gorgrond
Experience 13950
Rewards  [Follower: Bruto]
18g 30s
Previous N [93] The Axe of Kor'gall


Now THAT is how you break out of a gladiator pit!

You are fun. Your weapons are covered in a rainbow of blood types.

I am going to follow you now.


You will gain the follower:  [Follower: Bruto].

You will also receive:

  • 18g 30s
  • 13950 XP


  1. B [93] A Rediscovered Legend
  2. Complete all of:
    • Gladiator recovery:
    1. N [93] Getting Gladiators
    2. N [93] The Axe of Kor'gall
  3. B [93] The Sparring Arena

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