The Jitters-Bugs

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AllianceThe Jitters-Bugs
Start Jitters [18.6, 58.3]
End Jitters [18.6, 58.3]
Level 24 (Requires 22)
Category Duskwood
Experience 1,950
Reputation +250 Stormwind
Rewards 17s
Previous A [24] Delivery to Master Harris
Next A [24] Bear In Mind


Collect 8 Widow Venom Sacs from Black Widows.


M-Master Harris requires many reagents for his serums. He has me gather them for him.

Most of it's not so bad... I mean, the  [Corpseweed] is pretty bad, but it's not as bad as the widow venom. Have you seen the widows around here? The hatchlings are the size of a man. Even with a gun, I can't stand to go out hunting them!

It's just too terrifying. If you'll go do it for me, I'll gladly pay you! Just bring me back some widow venom! You'll find them all in the woods to the east, just north of the road.


Did you get it? Please tell me you got it...


Oh thank you, thank you! You've saved me from having to go out in the woods with those awful things!

At least for a day, that is...


You will receive: 17s


Spiders are north and east of Raven Hill.


  1. A [24] Part of the Pack
  2. A [24] The Yorgen Worgen & A [24] A Deadly Vine
  3. A [24] Delivery to Master Harris
  4. A [24] A Curse We Cannot Lift
  5. A [24] Cry For The Moon

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