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The Journal of Lin (I)

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The Journal of Lin (I)

The Journal of Lin (I) is a tome located in Townlong Steppes and the Dread Wastes.


The Journal of Lin (I)

To whom it may concern:

The sticky quality of this note is a very special type of toxin I have developed over the last year. If you are mantid, and physically touching this, you now have two minutes left to live. Goodbye.

For anyone else, my name is Lin, and I am dying. Please, get this information to the Shado-Pan. I have gathered intelligence on the mantid and their culture that will prove vitally important to renewing our understanding of this enemy.

Even now I see my journal pages drifting on the wind across the Dread Wastes. I would chase after them but I have lost too much blood.

The mantid are ancient. Much more so than we ever believed. And organized.

My squad was dispatched to learn what we could of their queen and, if possible, kill her. But... she isn't a queen. She is an Empress in every sense of the word. Legions of mantid from each of the trees march under her banner. Entire kingdoms worth of skittering shadows answer her call. And she is more than a mindless egg laying beast.

She is a ruler. And one who keeps councilors.


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