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The Journal of Lin (II)

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The Journal of Lin (II)

The Journal of Lin (II) is a tome located in the Dread Wastes.


The Journal of Lin (II)

We always knew there was a connection between the mantid and their trees. We assumed this connection was purely instinctual, like a bee's bond with a flower.

They mean much more though. To the mantid, their trees are sacred. Living shrines steeped in mantid culture. They are the foundation of mantid society.

Each tree carries with it a name bestowed upon it by the mantid. The mantid who live at that tree, be it in the roots, in the branches, in the nooks and crannies, share a name with that tree.

These are less "tribal" by traditional sense and more of a localized kingdom. Each has its own hierarchy of rule and day to day life.

I say day to day life. The mantid are a genuine people, as much as any pandaren or jinyu or hozen. Their culture is violently different than our own but the mantid within the trees do have a culture. Not saying I understand it, but I do acknowledge it's there.

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