NeutralThe King Rises
Start Thassarian
End Highlord Darion Mograine
Level 10-45 (Requires 10)
Category Death Knight Campaign
Experience 19,350
Rewards 33g 20s
Previous N Death knight [10-45] Regicide
Next N Death knight [10-45] Champion: Thoras Trollbane
N [10-45] A Personal Request


Raise King Thoras Trollbane as a Death Knight.

  • Mausoleum entered
  • Trollbane raised


King Thoras was one of the greatest warriors this world has known.

His people loved him and his enemies feared him. He only ever spoke truth, often saying the words others were afraid to speak.

King Thoras lived a life of war and he certainly deserves the peace of death. But this is not a man who would sleep peacefully while the world around him burns.

The time has come, Deathlord, to welcome the last true King of Stromgarde into the arms of the dead and damned.


You will receive:

  • 33g 20s
  • 19,350 XP


King Trollbane was a great man. He will be a powerful ally against the threat of the Burning Legion.


Today, a great king has risen from the dead to once more take up the sword in the name of liberty.

It will be an honor to fight at his side against the legions of terror.


Thoras being raised.

Open the Portcullis and use [Raise Horseman].

King Thoras Trollbane is pulled from the tomb in a kneeling position. His first words are a demand.
King Thoras Trollbane says: My son. Where is Galen?
King Thoras Trollbane says: Where is the prince who murdered his king?
Thassarian says: We took his life, my lord. The prince left us little choice.
King Thoras Trollbane says: What has become of Stromgarde?
Thassarian says: Death and ruin. Time has not been kind to this place.
Thoras stands.
King Thoras Trollbane says: Then I have failed as both a father and a king.
Thoras steps down to the floor as Thassarian speaks.
Thassarian says: Stromgarde is lost, but there is still hope for this world... if you will join us.
King Thoras Trollbane says: I will do whatever it takes to preserve peace on Azeroth.
Thoras summons a [Death Gate] and disappears.

Use the death gate summoned by Thoras to return to Acherus: The Ebon Hold.


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