AllianceThe Kirin Tor

Portal to Dalaran
Start Admiral Taylor [89.5, 32.6]
End Anduin Wrynn [26.8, 39.0]
Level 15-35
Category Pandaren Campaign
Experience 236000
Reputation +200 Operation: Shieldwall
Rewards 19g 84s 50c
Previous 2850/6000 honored with Operation: Shieldwall
Next A [15-35] The Fate of Dalaran


Anduin and Jaina

Use the Portal to the Purple Parlor in Lion's Landing and meet with Anduin Wrynn.


<Name>, King Varian has asked that I send you after his son to Dalaran. He believes you can help negotiate the withdrawal of blood elves there.

These "Sunreavers" claim fealty to the Horde and represent a major threat to the war effort.

Now that our very own Jaina Proudmoore is in charge of the Kirin Tor it should be easy to convince her to remove this Horde threat to her city.

Use the portal here in Lion's Landing to go to the Purple Parlor and lend what aid you can to Prince Anduin.


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c


I am glad to see you, friend. While I have learned much about diplomacy I think Jaina is too familiar with my tactics.

I could use a friendly hand in resolving this conflict.



Seamus Goldenkicks will spawn a special Portal to the Purple Parlor at [89.2, 33.6] next to him. Using the Violet Hold loading screen, the adventurer will teleport to a phased version of the Purple Parlor of Dalaran.

As the adventurer teleports in:

Anduin Wrynn says: My father isn't asking you to pledge the Kirin Tor to the Alliance-
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Anduin, I know exactly what he's asking. Oh - look who's arrived.

Step outside to the balcony to speak with Anduin.


  1. Neutral:
    1. A [15-35] Meet the Scout
    2. A [15-35] A King Among Men
    3. A [15-35] Lion's Landing
    4. A [15-35] A Little Patience
  2. Friendly 950/6,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Best Around
    2. A [15-35] To Catch A Spy
    3. A [15-35] Stirred, Not Shaken
  3. Friendly 4,900/6,000:
    1. A [15-35] He's In Deep
    2. A [15-35] Bugging Out, A [15-35] He Won't Even Miss It
  4. Honored 2,850/12,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Kirin Tor
    2. A [15-35] The Fate of Dalaran
  5. Honored 6,800/12,000:
    1. A [15-35] To Mogujia
    2. A [15-35] The Source of Korune Power, A [15-35] Bad Blood
  6. Honored 10,750/12,000:
    1. A [15-35] Anduin's Plea
    2. A [15-35] Heart Of The Alliance
  7. Revered 2,700/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Kun-Lai Expedition
    2. A [15-35] A Kor'kron In Our Midst
    3. A [15-35] Memory Wine
  8. Revered 6,650/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Ruins of Korune
    2. A [15-35] The Divine Bell
  9. Revered 8,900/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] Darnassus Attacked?
    2. A [15-35] Tracking the Thieves
    3. A [15-35] Jaina's Resolution
    4. A [15-35] Nowhere to Run, A [15-35] Nowhere to Hide, A [15-35] Sewer Cleaning, A [15-35] Unfair Trade, A [15-35] Cashing Out
    5. A [15-35] What Had To Be Done
  10. Revered 14,500/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Harmonic Mallet
    2. A [15-35] The Monkey King
    3. A [15-35] The First Riddle: Mercy, A [15-35] The Second Riddle: Fellowship, A [15-35] The Third Riddle: Strength
    4. A [15-35] The Greatest Prank
  11. Revered 18,500/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Handle, A [15-35] The Head, A [15-35] The Harmonic Ointment
  12. Exalted:
    1. A [15-35] The Bell Speaks
    2. A [15-35] Breath of Darkest Shadow
    3. A [15-35] The Silence

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